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    Nice! I was using a Flash Duck jig for awhile yesterday, and was catching all sorts of fish on it.
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    Some recent fish

    I caught all of these fish from the same river. The first fish came from a spot halfway between home and work. I hesitate to call it a "river"; it's more of a creek at this point. Water levels are at normal here. The other three came from a spot about 40 minutes away, further downstream...
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    Some recent fish

    Been doing some fishing.  Got out one day last week, caught a Smallie on a custom jig clipped to a jig-spinner frame. Headed out to a spot I've fishing several times and always get skunked.  Yesterday (Sunday) I managed to catch a Dogfish/Bowfin on a jig I painted/tied.  Didn't have my net or...
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    Monday, 4/22

    Went to a stream I like to frequent that has a healthy population of Smallies.  Caught two on an inline spinner.  Ended up donating a couple spinners to the River Gods.  Good thing I assemble my own.
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    First Smallie of the year!

    AF, they are fun, that's for sure. This one fought like crazy, and tried to abrade my line on some sticks a couple times. Luckily I got the fish in. Saturday was nasty, luckily I had to work all day. Sunday and Monday were great, although Monday was windy.
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    First Smallie of the year!

    Got out for a bit today after the madness at work.  Was using my little UL rig with a small inline spinner.  Fishing a crystal-clear stream that's only a couple feet deep.  Lots of laydowns in the water, including a new one this past winter.  Had a brief tussle with a Smallie that spit my lure. ...
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    Hair wing..

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    Tying big

    Nice! I've done a few. I need to fish them.
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    Nice work! Love the color combos. I'm sure that young man will be happy with some jigs that just can't be bought anywhere else. I've done similar swaps with flies for feathers/fur.
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    Tying big

    Snot Goblins?
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    WMD hairwing streamers

    Believe me, I've been drooling over some patterns I have in a book on Steelhead flies. Only problem is that they almost all call for Jungle Cock, of which I have none. I do have a Starling skin that I could use to sub for the JC, but I really want to get some JC and possibly tie some "show...
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    Line selection

    Almost every single rod I own has braid. Lbs test depends on what I intend to use that rod for, ranging from 10 lbs test on my panfish rod to 85 lbs test on my dedicated Flathead Catfish rigs. The 85 lbs test is probably overkill, especially up here in MI. My one UL Crappie rod has 6 lbs test...
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    Grizzly Bear

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    WMD hairwing streamers

    I did comb out the underfur, but didn't think to keep it. It's still in the bag on my vise, just have to dig it out. I'll have to check the various pieces I have to see about sizing.