Victory Jig Hooks


Future Sponsor
Mar 23, 2010
Ogallala, NE
Shorty's ain't got em yet, so ordered some 100s of types I can use for a look see. The sickle varieties are basically knock offs of standard light wires and some long discontinued heavier wire sickle shaped equivalents of EC 635, 413, and Mustad 32786.

Victory claims to use premium quality Belgian steel, and IMO using finger stress tests all the hooks I got were more resistant to bend outs than equivalent wire size EC, VMC, Mustad, & even Gamakatsu. All points were superbly sharp.

I only got a few sizes sickles & here's my impressions: Note that the last 3 #s of the model #s designated the other brands equivalent model #s.
V 11149 - standard light wire 90* sickles as mentioned had annoying shape discrepancies. #6 had slight eye twist and points were noticeably bent down toward shanks which I actually liked for increased bend out resistance. #4 shape was standard like other brand sickles & had slightly long eye legs.
V11413 - heavy wire 60* nicely shaped sickle which #4 shortened shank did not fit my #4 round bend mold.
V11786 - heavy wire 60* with a hybrid shape straight point transitioning into the sickle "V-lok" hard angle rather than a 32786 round bend. 1/0 another shorter shank no-fit.
V11635 - 90* heavier (not heavy) wire that I really like to replace mediocre sharpness-wire strength EC 635. 1/0 & 2/0 were perfect.

I predict these will become extremely popular with those willing to pay a bit more for top of the line strength and sharpness + the arguably superior sickle design.