Some people


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Mar 22, 2010
Attica, OH
I work for a mom & pop style sporting goods store that specializes in team sports equipment/apparel, i do the graphic art for shirts, plaques, hats... whatever.

Answered the phone the other day to hear a fairly frantic women pleading with me to tell her the accurate way to decide what length of ball bat she needed to buy for her daughter. She had heard that it goes by the length of your legs... have you ever seen someone swing a bat with their leg???? Ok, so i tell her to bring her daughter in the store and we can help her choose because we have a pretty good selection of them from $19 and up. She shoots back at me with this more or less........ "Can i talk to someone ELSE in your store who WOULD know the correct size my daughter needs, i am standing in Walmart looking at a 32" bat for $40 and want to know if it will work for her" She went on to describe how hectic of a day she has and that she can not be driving all over town so she needs to know, now..... Well, my jaw dropped!!! All i could think to say (politely) was that i could not reccomend a bat i am not familiar with, sorry, but we do have a lrage selection in OUR store.

About an hour later, the lady comes in the store - knew it was the w-mart lady cause the first thing she asked was how to measure a bat up against your leg... :rolleyes: From the size of the girl, we recomended her a 28" bat. The 9yr old daughter wrinkled her nose and said she didn't like that one, she liked a 31" - i am not about to argue with a 9yr old. All in all, they ended up walking out of our store with the 31" bat - $19.99 - so even saved them some $$. Yes, we did make the sale, but the phone call blew me away.

Sorry for the rant, i'm good now. :D


Mar 24, 2010
Poynette, Wisconsin
I hear ya Attica!!! It's good you haven't beat the kids or kicked the dog!! Sometimes a cold beer helps. I was a Brandy Old Fashion guy
myself! After working in retail for over 35 years it's a wonder we don't all become hermits and live on a mountain top somewhere! I'm sure at
some time I became a member of the "here's your card" club for some
stupid move I pulled in a retail store, but I sure hope not more than once! The problem is Attica........everywhere you go there's people!
Maybe that's why we enjoy the solitude of fishing or tieing jigs, cause there ain't no people!!! Oh, well buddy, tomorrow's another day!!!


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Mar 28, 2010
Northeast Ohio
When I ran a Bait and Gun store we used to tell prospective rifle buyers . If they bought rifle and scope I would mount and bore sight scope for free. This assured that the scope would be properly mounted and customers first shot would be on paper. Then simple adjustment by customer led to a satisfactory performing outfit.

One day a young man came in and seemed really interested in 22 bolt action and scope combo. He pumped me for all the info he could. To help him with the decision I mentioned about the free mounting service. He replied I'll think about it and left. Can you imagine my shock ? When two days later he entered the shop and plunked down a scope and rifle he bought at K-mart . He said he came in and wanted the free mount work. My partner politely told him to take a hike. I had to out back and vent to prevent myself from shoving that gun and scope. Somewhere that would have given that young fool a terrible time sitting in any position.