Sea Fly


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Mar 23, 2010
During these dog days of August,many get into night fishing with the old standard Jitterbug plug, usually for largemouth bass. BUT muskies & pike also go for these great creeping surface plugs. So how does this fit into a JIGGING forum? Well, one new builder, Al at , has designed a sort of superactive tube jig as the rear attracting part of his hand made "SeaFly" plug. Saltwater guys call these rubberized flies "squids" and they certainly thrash around attractively behind the fat "wooden jighead" with oversized wobble lip ! Al builds the Jr (about 1.75 oz) and Sr (3 oz) models with thru-wire construction, great VMC hooks, and very durable auto paint to hold up to saltwater stripers & bluefish, as well as big bass,pike, and muskies.