pushing water


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Mar 23, 2010

I'm starting with this image above, as I'm loving the concept that a small company, husband/wife team (Thomas Custom Lures) from NM is doing with their jigs. They seem to understand the concept of WATER PUSH, and vibration in their well tested, colorful little jigs. First they tie in short deer belly hair, which flares much more than straight bucktail for the moving of water (which I'm always convinced  is a huge factor in initially alerting fish to its incoming presents ; ever lay on a water bed and have your dog jump on???), and then they later added a short, simple straight shaft ,online spinner to really make "noise" and flash! Yeah, Mrs. T is a genuine ARTIST, who ties absolutely beautiful patterns (for US anglers appreciation - perhaps not so important to fish!!) but this robust ,short length jig is bound to be a water-elbowing trigger!! Melissa Thomas tells me that they originally started tying these deer hair models for the big trout in northern NM rivers, and were mildly surprised that they caught the living heck out of them (just using the unspinnerd jig). Then they started adding this small panther-martin type blade on a short wire and found largemouth, smallmouth, especially white bass, plus big blue cats went berserk over it! Excites me as to use of MATERIAL / minimal hardware to create a ruckus and improved action in a jig! Maybe it's cabin fever overtaking me, another cold morn (but with sun!), but am quite anxious to try a jig set-up like this! At one time I have actually used something similar (even with that type blade) with my jigs, and it DID work great (esp early season largemouth) ,much better than overhead spinner harnesses, but being typical fisherman-stupid, never followed up on it ! Maybe a concept (at least for me!) who's time has come -pushing water in 2021!