How a swap works


Mar 24, 2010
Poynette, Wisconsin
First a Swap Host announces a swap and sets the specifics to tie by.
This may be size of the jig, color, material used, profile of jig or pattern.
The Host will announce a closing time for sign up and a time for the jigs to be sent in. The Host may also designate the number of tiers.

If you feel you would like to join in, sign up. The Host will acknowledge
your entry. Lets say for example the Host specifies 10 tiers.
This means you would have to tie 9 jigs for the swap, one for yourself
if you like and one for any Official JigCraft Swap. Any other swap, the
one extra is not required.

There are two types of swaps, Official JigCraft Swaps and other swaps.
The differences are: the Official swap requires an extra jig for the site to use for promotion or what ever is needed. A regular swap can be at any time by anyone. No need to sign up on the Swap Host list for regular swaps. It would be wise to spread them out so there are not several running at the same time.

OK, After you've tied your jigs, you will need two envelopes, one to mail your jigs off in and one for the Swap Host to send back to you.
Place each jig in a 2 x 3 bag with a toe tag. Toetags can be printed easily on a computer, it will name the jig, state size of jig, colors used on head, body and tail, type of material used and your Username.
Then place all the jigs in a convenient container, such as Altoid box,
Sucret box. Plastic utility box.
Address the larger envelope to the Swap Host, Address the smaller envelope to yourself. Do not seal either one yet.
At the Post Office give the clerk the smaller envelope and put the correct amount of postage on the envelope, do not seal. Then give the clerk the larger envelope with the smaller envelope inside and put that amount of postage on the big envelope and seal and mail! This sounds like a lot of work but only takes a few minutes. PLEASE be sure to put
the proper postage on each envelope and if you use a postage meter machine, it can not have a date on it or it is no good. It is not fair to
the Host to have to pay your postage.

It is customary(although not required) to "reward the Swap Host with
some sort of thank you for running the swap. This could be some extra jigs, tieing material, cap or what ever you you want. It is a lot of
detail work running a swap.

Hopefully, I've covered all the bases here, although if you have any questions please PM me and I will answer them. Above all, have fun with the swaps and enjoy the comradery, challenge and learning that they offer!!!!!!

Uncle Grump

New member
Apr 20, 2010

Would stating that swap participants should send some extras/goodies to the swap miester for doing the swap chores be adviseable?

Most of us here (right now - a/o this date) are 'old hands' and know this - but in the future - more newbies, etc????????????



Staff member
Mar 22, 2010
Attica, OH
Ha!!! When CK3 orig. posted this, i ended up editing one thing in his text... the part about how people often send along extra goodies (jigs, materials, etc.) to the swap host. :blush: Sorry CK3, should learn to keep my typing fingers to myself. :p

That is absolutley fine to let everyone know that, i just wanted to make sure no one thought it was "required" to send along extra stuff. The first two swaps i was in i did not send anything but my jigs and caught on after that. I've learned it does take some time & work to run a swap and it is nice to get an extra small something for that.