Guess fish can be more selective on certain days


Oct 9, 2016
I fished last week and on one day I caught 33 fish of different species. The next day after a cold front moved in with a steady 15-20 mph wind, I was lucky to catch 13 fish. Most of the lures I cast can catch fish most of the warm months from Apr. - Sept. and fishing can be good on some days in Oct. fishing but on a hit-or-miss basis.

But one thing I found interesting was the smaller selection of lure shapes and actions fish struck on the second day after the front hit.
The Crappie Magnet in different colors was one lure I could cast all day and catch fish - when I could find them. I did and here are a few:
1665404828170.png 1665404868983.png

Even little bass and crappie hit them:
1665405014962.png 1665406152224.png


The cone tail, curl tail and thin straight tail caught a few but the Magnet still outproduced the other shapes:
1665405172787.png 1665405346308.png 1665406022371.png

Probably if I had gone back after the weather stabilized I might have done better minus the high wind. But one thing was certain - fish were scattered in open water with only a few near shore drops. Once bait fish showed up on the sonar, I knew the odds were high of catching a few fish before drifting and anchoring in 7'+ depth.

If it was warmer, this morning would have been perfect - overcast and dead calm - but only 43 degrees. Brrrr. But oh what a difference a day makes.
The day before:

The day after:
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