Flash Duck fun


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Oct 27, 2014
Jackson, MI
Last week, I was fishing live minnows both from a float and as a drop-shot, targeting Yellow Perch.  Ended up catching a few Crappie on the deep edges of the weedlines around the shore.  It wasn't until I got home that I put two and two together to come up with five, and realize the pattern.  Decided on my next time out, I would target those areas, but since the fish are scattered, I'd have to fish agressively, and decided to switch over to small crankbaits on one rod, and a tandem jig rig on the other.  I decided to use some Flash Ducks that I had tied up last year, as they're a close match to the minnows around here.

TODAY, my first day off since last weekend, I put my kayak in and gave it a shot.  No luck with any crankbaits, but the Flash Ducks are definitely a hit!  Going to have to fish those more often, and maybe tie some up in bigger sizes.

First fish of the day!  Sure was a surprise, as I was expecting Crappie and/or Yellow Bass.

A little while later, this one slurped a Flash Duck.

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Man, those Smallies just don't give up!  This thing was pulling drag, pulling my pole under, etc.

Finally caught one of my target species:

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Then finally, I caught this thing.  It sure wanted that jig!

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