corn tipping


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Mar 23, 2010
I've used corn to tip my light jigs (usually on Hawn's 1/20-1/28 oz roundheads with # 4 & 6 sickles) for carp in the past, but often got trout,crappie, bass, catfish, and bluegills. So this past week I decided to forego waxworm or butterworm tippings to experiment with a small corn kernal. The Bluegills went crazy over it on a swimming or diving jig -better than a live waxworm, as did crappies & a few bass! I may not ever go back to the expense and mess of live bait! I tell Keith at Hawnjigs that corn is not really a tip , it's a "yellow, cellulose TYING material"!! To a jig it adds color,smell, taste, snaglessness (when placed over the gap of a small hook, rudder like stability to the total lure, and even adds a zig-zag flutter during the drop or pause!