Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod


Mar 23, 2010
Ogallala, NE
Decided to try the broken remainder with the 2nd from the top guide as a tip top last night and kinda liked it. Rod is now 5'2" heavy action and seems to cast more accurately (with a bit more arm snap effort) + of course more holding and pull in power than stock 6' medium action. No wipers or catfish present but 3 smallies up to 3-1/2# felt fine on the fight and slow twitch jigging was controlled and non-fatiguing with an oversize Pflueger Arbor 7440 spooled with 20# braid. Looking forward to rematches with the line breaking pigs with this upgrade combo.

A 6' MH one piece might be more ideal for a big wiper rod but the only one I could find was an Ugly Stick GX2. Check out the one star reviews.