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    Creature fishing mentioned in posts - but what is your definition of a creature bait?

    Spoon, you are correct when calling a plastic, creature, vague! Back in the 70’s when creature fishing seemed to be introduced , pretty much all large plastic baits were called Creatures. I think the originators wanted it that way, to keep the technique secretive. My idea of a creature was any...
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    Creature fishing

    Yawn; haven’t fished creatures at night lately. When I did, it was yellows for weed edge walleye up in Northern WI. My jig fishing is more timed in spring, than late in fall again for the skis. Mostly troll the summer months, so not much jig fishing lately. Season has been decent. Closing in on...
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    Creature fishing

    Have Not posted here in a while. Few buddies were asking for these Glow paddle tails for Big lakers on the Great Lakes and Canada. Not Much light penetration where the lakers like to hang Deep, so these glows seem to shine😉 That 3/4 oz. Swimmer Head works well in those stony areas those lakers...
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    Popeye Jigs

    Great job on those jigs! Really like that Matzuo Sickle hook also! JD
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    Fooling around .

    love the No Bones about it , skeleton bait! The Genetillia skirting has grew quite long;) May need the Manscape 2 trimmer;) Creature Man
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    paint on eyes

    Q-Tip works. Dip in your paint for dot. Then a tooth pick for pupil. Reasonable;) Creature Man
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    Farewell to JiggerJohn - he will be sorely missed

    Very Sad to hear about John. I don’t frequent this site much, but do read some here. John introduced me several years back, as he was excited to rig up a few of my hand poured Creatures…. Condolences to his Family and friends… Creature Man!
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    Item is SOLD, Please delete, thanks, creature man
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    Creature fishing

    Looks like jigerjohn has introduced me about creature fishing, and asked that I write a small article on that subject...SO; Creature fishing became popular back in the mid 70's when fishing facts out of Wisconsin used to carry different kinds of plastic dressings. The art of fishing creatures...