Pin Min Ice Jig - Video Tutorial
This video was made by forum member papaperch.
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Pin Min or Ice Jig Tutorial
What is hard to tell on the video is position of soldering tip. When soldering hold tip on the two objects you are soldering together.
Close to the tip but not touching it let the solder rest on the objects. This will cause the solder to flow at correct temperature and
insure a good strong soldering job. By using the crocodile clip it holds the hook in place while soldering. Once again bronze hooks
will not adhere with solder. Use gold or nickle hooks.

You can use these lures in the raw. As in no paint or other attachment. Or you can dress up like a jig almost. Paint ( I use powder
paint ) also may or may not appeal to first time use.

They have worked everywhere and at everytime I have tried them provided the fish are there. Some days they like em plain with a
little grub or little piece of plastic on them. Other days they might like a little hair or feathers for whatever reason. Biggest I make is
with a # 4 hook smallest is with a # 12.. Do not use with a swivel or any other attachment just use a loop in your leader. This allows the
little spoon to dance just right.

They are a little troublesome to make but the right tools make it go easier.
Get a pencil soldering iron @ 35 - 45 watts. The one in the video came from radio and is a 20-45 adjustable. It was under 40.00 and
works well.