The tutorial section is intended to help anyone learn the basics of tying lures, popular patterns and the
cutting edge techniques used by the members of  More step by step examples of other
patterns are shown on the
Patterns/Recipe page.
Buck Tail Jig
Thread-neck Hair Jig
Posted By: AtticaFish
Peacock Herl Rope
Posted By: LedHed
Tube Jig Hackle
Hackle Tail
Posted By: LedHed
UL Chub Minnow
Thread Body Jig
Posted By: LedHed
Basic Tying Techniques
Swivel Installation
Posted By JungleJim1
Bead Chain Bugger
Palmer Hackle
Posted By: AtticaFish
Split Shot Jig Heads
Posted By: AtticaFish
Other Techniques
Mini Marabou Jig
Marabou Body
Posted By: JoJoPro
Bead and Pin Jig Head
Posted By: JoJoPro
Homemade Vise
Posted By: Mack
Homemade Weedguards
Posted By: jjsjigs
1/12th Minnow Head
Hackle Tail - Chenille Body
Posted By: crappiehappy
Posted By: AtticaFish
Video Tutorials Posted By Members
Tying a Rabbit Zonker jig
Posted By: StumpHunter
Pin Min Ice Jig - Video Tutorial
Posted By: papaperch
Tying a Stump's UV Minnow
Posted By: StumpHunter
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Gummie Bait
Plastic Body w/ Tail
Posted By: Pepop
Two-Tone Jig
2-Color Chenille Body
Posted By: Denton Pond Jumper
Dubbing Brush Tool
Posted By StumpHunter