Gummie Bait
First I pick a painted head and
wrap a thread base from the
head about 1/4"down the shank.
Gummie Bait
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: Pepop
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A Gummie Process
Then I select the plastic I'll use (I
prefer Crappie Thunder's
because they have bulk & are
fairly tough but about any solid
body plastic will do) and cut the
tail off.
Thread the body onto the hook and
apply a tiny drop of super glue to the
thread base and push the plastic
against the jighead.
Clamp hook in vise and with forceps, push
body towards the jighead and clamp it.
Wrap a thread base to
the hook bend
Tie in flash (I use 1
strand, doubled twice
making 4 strands).
Pull & stack hackle
barbules for tail and tie in,
tie 2 half-hitches and cut
Apply a tiny drop of super
glue to thread just below
Remove clamp and pinch &
twist body to push plastic over
thread/glue. Cut flash to
desired length