Dubbing Brush Tool
Spent some time looking at the dubbing brush tool on the market and thought I could build
myself one just as good. So spent a little time in the shop and built one. I still have the finish
work to do on it and need to add a little paint but I am happy with the outcome. There will be
no end to the materials that can be used to make the dubbing brushes.
Dubbing Brush Tool
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: StumpHunter
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Dubbing Brush Tool
Run the wire for the bottom of the
brush and place the materials on the
work board.
Come back across the materials with
the wire and start twisting the wire by
rolling the wheel. Once the wire has
twisted a few times swing the work
board out of the way and finish
twisting the wire to make the brush.
The finished dubbing brush
And a jig tied using the dubbing
brush for the body.