Why do fish strike lures?


Oct 9, 2016
CrappiePappy; said:
What makes fish bite (IMHO) : hunger / anger / territorial protection twocents.gif

That may be, but how do you chose lures based on that? Assigning reasons/motives or emotions fish strike lures, assumes fish reason - thereby capable of logic or get angry and thereby are emotional.
Beyond assigning the above reasons or labels for attacks comes the nitty gritty of, what exactly was it about the lure - by way of description - when fish struck it at that moment.
Again, experienced anglers realize the significance of a lure's size, shape, action and color combined that initiated strikes anywhere in a lake or pond. A more detailed description includes a specific action demonstrated or angler imparted, color brightness or transparency, shape characteristics such as slim, round or flat and weight - either the lure's or the weight of a sinker or jig, lure speed and the type of retrieve chosen for that lure.

For example, a lure I would never believe capable of catching panfish would be one that was too heavy, too large, that had the wrong action no matter the retrieve or any lure worked too fast. Lure details take precedence over any generalities one may assign as to why fish strike certain lures and why they weren't provoked to strike others.

Sure takes the guesswork out.