This weeks dilema


Apr 26, 2013
SW Ohio
Fishing our favorite lake this year has been a nightmare at best. The walleye are there, they are catchable, but its a lot of work. For years, watermelon was the go to color. This year, every trip needs something different. So, I cleaned out all of my jig boxes, emptied my tackle bag and started over.

I only use 2 sizes of jig, 1/32 and 1/16 this time of year so head selection is not an issue. On my wall, I have 60 different color combos and my little jig boxes have 15 holes so the math was simple. Every color on the wall and a dozen jigs in 1/32 and 1/16.

I sorted through all the jigs already finished and filled the gaps. My tackle bag holds a dozen of the little boxes so no problem. Room to spare for whatever. All packed and ready to go.

My favorite customer shows up wanting a refill of 2 jigs. First was Dragonfly with hot pink back and pearl belly, Second was Dragonfly with an emerald green back and a red and chartreuse yellow belly. She told me they were limiting out almost every trip and were down to one of each jig and no one sells them. Also, if I did not mind, she wanted to wait on the jigs. Into the shop we go. I had plenty of jigs cast so it was PC and go.
Pulled out an extra chair and went to work. She asks if I have a broom handy (yes) and she grabbed it and swept my basement and did a load of laundry to boot.

The only way I have been able to make this jig is to PC and cure ultimate Chrome, Followed by the dragonfly, cure that, then dust the pink back pearl belly and cure. The 4 color jig is even more of a challenge as the red is just a fine line between the dragonfly and the yellow and the red must be cured or the yellow bleeds. So as I am sitting there, taking my time 3 and 4 colors on a 1/32oz head is a meticulous task. But I'm thinking if they are having success, I need to make some for myself.

She then asked about all the multicolered jigs on my rack. I said they were experiments and trials of different techniques. She finally said I'll buy all of them, give me a price.

Now comes the dilema, after she left, I made myself a supply of the two colors and got to thinking about all the color combos she took. That combined with the fact that her and her husband or her and her girlfriend
always catch a lot of fish. Maybe she has something figured out.

So back to the PC bench I spent 3-4 hours PC an assortment of three and 4 colored jigs. I ended up with 24 different combinations.

Yesterday, got to try everything. My fishing buddy and I rigged 2 rods each different color one each pole and went to our favorite hole. We agreed before hand that 1 trip thru then color change until we found something that worked. By 10 AM we had 3 colors that were catching dink walleye and a little bit of everything else. We agreed he would rig his rods with the catching colors and I would rig the third and use my other rod and keep changing colors. We were catching and occasional fish but nothing exciting. At 3pm we had 3 keepers along with a dozen nice >11" crappie. I had 10 multi colored jigs left to try.

Pulled something out that was reminiscent of the psycadellic 60's. Chrome stripe down the sides, red stripe above and below, pearl belly, and Glow yellow back and whole thing had an overcoat of a multicolored glitter mix (black, red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink and blue and other than black and red. the colors have 2 - 3 shades.) Its mixed with a lot of clear and the end result is a bunch of individual shiny dots.

Flipped it out tipped with a half nightcrawler. Did my count to make sure I had bottom contact, closed the bail and started to lift my rod to feel the jig and got a definite pick up. Patiently waited and finally got to set the hook. This fish has some HP. drag growls a few times so I know I'm fighting something bigger. Few minutes later I saw what was there and told my buddy, gonna need the net. 22" Walleye in the live well. Cut off and retied, rebaited and almost a repeat. Another keeper in the livewell and my fishless thus far buddy says gimme one whatever it is.

Down to 1 rod each and 35 minutes later had our 12 fish limit and had even culled the smaller fish that were caught earlier. As always, the net attracted others and our last trip through we were in a line of five boats.

We were in the zone and I doubt we ever travelled more than 50 feet without catching a walleye. Watching the other boats, we never saw another fish get caught. We were limited and tired 10 hours is a long time to be on the water. So decided to pack it in.

As we were headed out, one of our buddies that was in the line chased us down. He said I watched you guys on and off since noon, What did you figure out. I said we finally found the right color. He pulls his jig board out and says which one. His jig board has well over a thousand jigs all the same size but a dozen or so of every color under the rainbow. I said its not there, he said BS I have every color pro tech makes and a bunch of others. I just sighed loudly and shook my head. Grabbed my rod, unhooked the jig from the hook keeper and let it swing over. In one fluid motion he grabbed the jig, bit my line and started looking at the jig.

A long pause and WTF how did you do that. I got my jig box and grabbed 4 jigs and tossed them over. Watching him scramble to pick them up ws priceless considering he has come up and thrown jigs to us and trolled away laughing. He hooked the jigs into the top of his board and thanks, but you gotta tell me how. I said iits impossible to explain, come to the house some night, but not tonight and I'll walk you through it. He said I think I remeber, but give your address and I'll call before I come. He pulls out his phone and your number is still ??????????. Yep. We took off and he was headed back to the ledge in a hurry.

Best day this year and one that I'll never forget. Fishing was great but watching the best walleye fisherman on that lake scrambling for a handfull jigs will be forever etched in my memory. Jman (and you know who you are) if you are on this forum, it was priceless thank you.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share a little story and how it all developed. Now its off to make a jig board, get drunk and dream up new color combos to fill it with. 5 colored jig with glitter and I'm gonna dream up a whole bunch more. Tap coating, masks etc, whole new ball game for me. If anyone has pictures of masks or special shaing techniques, please post some pics...


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Feb 2, 2013
Chandler, Texas
Sounds to me like you might need to get yourself an air brush rig! Great story dawg! You got pictures of those winning jigs!