Modifying soft plastics or using the originals in different ways - photos that were missing


Oct 9, 2016
Last summer I discovered a shape that blew me away: curly tail grub minus the tail !!!
A large pickerel attacked the lure at the boat, ripping off the curl tail. Being the curious bloke you all know and love, I figured:
why not cast what's left and see what happens? Turns out It opened another door to a lure design I would have never imagined if it wasn't for that vicious beast.

Fish caught that day:
1711873078313.png 1711873315275.png 1711873671528.png

Note: rigged from the tail using a 1/32 oz jig.
From that day after catching over a dozen fish on it, I went to town and made modified what I call - THE BULB!
The original body was from the Mo Magic hand-injected mold:
1711874693925.png 1711875359047.png
The flat tail is one of the best tails designs I've ever used and now I don't have to: pour hot plastic on a floor tile (originally from a large spoon), cut out the minnow shape and dip one end 4x to bulk up the body (spoon minnow).
Here the body was attached to a smaller grub body:
1711874982461.png 1711875856570.png 1711877382351.png
I'll bet you have never seen this shape sold anywhere! It has caught all sizes and fish species. Presentation: slight turns of the reel handle and maybe a few rod tip twitches that cause the darting-wobble action.
This mod of the above, combined the body of one grub to another:
1711875297778.png 1711875638931.png
You get the idea behind the bulb/no action-tail grub.

The 6" Softie (left) and Kut Tail worms (2 on the right) rigged used on 1/32 and 1/28 oz jigs with 1/0 hooks.
1711875733952.png 1711876009639.png 1711876274024.png

The Kut Tail and Softie worms are not usually modified except when I want to bulk up the front of the worm. For the best mid-depth action, light jigs are a must! Presentation: slight twitches of the rod tip.
Thicker grub body attached to a Softie Worm:
How about the Senko action when wacky-rigged? The weight of the plastic allows the dual-tip action quiver on the drop. But then I thought: why not make a small stick and wacky rig it like the Senko except using a light jig with hook in the center? Better yet, why not join the bodies of two spike tail grubs for the ultimate tail quiver?
1711876916223.png 1711876946795.png
1711876973022.png 1711876857481.png 1711877013604.png
1/32 oz jig; rod tip twitch with pauses and slight turns of the reel handle.
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Oct 9, 2016
Mini-stick wacky rigged con'd
This stick was thin before I dipped it in hot plastic (left and middle); original shape from mold (right)
1711877803840.png 1711878030706.png 1711877979696.png

Two grub bodies joined: Taper tails added to grub body
1711878101836.png 1711878137250.png1711878342426.png


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May 22, 2012
I used to save all my old broken up used soft plastics then give them away to some entrepreneurial kid to make baits. Allot of his creations were done with a Bic lighter and a set of tweezers