Lure made using a serving spoon no less!


Oct 9, 2016
What's needed:
1. Metal serving spoon
2. hot plastic 275 degrees (microwave/ Pyrex cup)
3. razor blade
4. glassy surface like a floor tile or mirror*
Heat the plastic
Dip the spoon into it leaving a thin sheet of plastic
Let it cool
Lay the sheet on a glassy surface
Using the blade, press down to cut(not pull) the shape of a minnow
Heat the plastic but not as hot and dip 1/2 of the shaped film 4x waiting for it to cool between dips. This will thicken the body.
* Note: the tile can be used the same way as the spoon. Pour plastic down an angled tile or other glassy surface. Let it cool and then cut shapes with a blade.

You now have a thin-tail minnow that catches EVERYTHING! I won't leave home without at least a few for the slowest bite.
spoonminnows_stripedandplain.jpgspoon minnows.JPG
IMG_0234.JPG texturedspoonminnow.jpg

white perch on large.jpg4 inch and large pickerel.jpgcrappie on large minnowb.jpg
(Spike-It dye pens used)


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