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Sep 10, 2022
So I just started to tie my own flys and here is what I got. Can any one show me a fly jig minnow pattern that will match northern waters. I’m a single father taking care of my kids for 15 years don’t have the money to afford materials hope some one can show a pattern of a crappie minnow pattern that would be roughly 2 in max and using fish skull mask 042FC6D1-1FDC-42C1-8449-18EC6639EDFD.jpegB3C9916D-F7F1-4186-A2B0-E56D412842A2.jpegEEF54639-418B-45D6-97D8-1883C4422366.jpeg042FC6D1-1FDC-42C1-8449-18EC6639EDFD.jpeg52664300-7640-4993-AF0D-5F20AA2643A2.jpeg691349C4-57E4-4AD5-AD74-D5C9A77C37D6.jpegE25172B1-2282-4A53-B1E5-52F7CAD5C523.jpeg


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Sep 17, 2018
SE Missouri Ozarks
Your flies/jigs look very good and obviously catch fish. A couple hints on cheap tying material is to get deer tails from your hunting buddies and duck feathers from your duck hunters. You can use many different dies for color, from Kool-Aid to RIT to Dharma.

As to colors for "Up North", I have success with all white tails for everything from crappie to walleye and bass. Bi-colors of yellow and black, chartreuse and black and light green-dark green have also been good for me in Minnesota and Wisconsin waters. Deer tail is my "go to" material but marabou, synthetics and feathers all work.

Welcome to the forum and have fun with your tying!