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Aug 26, 2010
Debary, FL
For a deal and a new rod. Mudhole being close is both a blessing and a curse. I come out the door with more blanks than I should. I get the occasional deal and here I go again. There was a project rod that was incomplete and the owner didn’t want to fool with it as it was given to him and too heavy for his taste. 7’2” or 3 MHXF. The reel seat was 90* to the spline so I had some cleaning to do before I started. It would have a 3000 Sahara in the seat so I kept the colors similar and basic. To cut to the chase, I have a 7’6” Shimano GLF that’s a pig in comparison. This handles so well and is lighter and more responsive. Fishing Mangroves in Mosquito Lagoon area takes focus, practice and a good frame of mind to keep you at the top of your game. Underhand pitching jigs and skipping the jig up under the branches is taking more practice than I originally thought it would. This rod shines and makes the task easier, and pulls them out much better so far.

I recently found some smaller Tarpon rolling down a shoreline in 2 fow and pitched a jig at them. First cast was a smack, slip of the drag as I turned the fish and he was gone. Normal as their mouths are very bony and hard to get a hook in. I grumbled and checked the jig and threw again, this one connected. Good fight, lots of jumps and strong runs before he became famous and released. 5 minutes later I pitched at another and I thought he had refused, also normal. Continued the retrieve and as it got close I started looking for another To throw at. As I felt the weight of the jig change as I was about to lift it from the water, this one smart a$$ grabbed the jig 4’ from the boat and tried to steal the rod. I was looking left and all this happened to my right. Just a bit bigger but lots more fight. Jumps and runs and nothing close to ready for the net I fought him for at least 2 or 3 minutes before a jump threw the hook back at me. Just as well, I got what I wanted. That new rod made those fish much easier than any other I have.IMG_4744.jpegIMG_4744.jpeg


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May 22, 2012
Nice job

Each rod has different power & action. No standardization in the industry. Glad to read you found a blank you liked and produced some tuggage