Float n fly Patterns Anyone?


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Sep 10, 2022


Mar 23, 2010
Ogallala, NE
When slow suspended works doesn't get better than F&F. That said I haven't the need to divert from cast & retrieve at my waters of opportunity and light as possible works fine. Prefer feeling rather than seeing a bite.

Lots of skilled artistic tiers including yourself but after a long lifetime of experience have settled with KISS. In fact, just found rock bottom discovering Texas 3/8" rabbit zonker strips which a small cut piece with a crosscut fur lie seems ideal for fluffy 1/8 & 1/4 size small jigs. Bout the EZest tie I've tried and will soon field test off rocky salt water shoreline on an upcoming trip.

Being mentored by Jigger John tying trout jigs have tried all manner of fancy contrapting but last cold season settled on a KISS single material crosscut mink fur piece which works as well as anything. Massive variety of colors - black and light gray on 1/16 #6 heads. Thought I was on to something when pink, orange, and red rabbit ties got nice trout previously, but it seems just single light and dark color mink fur with no flash enhancements work just as well.

Don't fish for crappie here but remember a day in CO bite on every cast with a KISS 1/16 #6 black marabou jig intended for trout. My 2 cents is that the huge variety of colors crappie ties and soft baits are mostly self promoting hype especially by guys who sell them.

I know, sounds a bit harsh but we all exist in our own bubbles of reality.


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Mar 23, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. I use mostly duck feathers for my float n fly jigs. Gadwall and mallard flank feathers are the best and to save money go to a park with ducks and walk around the lake and there should be some feathers laying around. Wash them really good before tying them. I've caught tens of thousands of crappie with the duck feather jigs fishing them under a weighted float. I tie them on hooks from a #1 to a #12. Last year I caught a 3.10 Black crappie on a 1/48 chub head with a #10 hook. Here are a couple pics.


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