Farewell to JiggerJohn - he will be sorely missed


Oct 9, 2016
John passed suddenly today. I loved reading his wonderful articles when he wrote for Fishing Facts Magazine. For the last year we've been corresponding and sharing ideas when it came to lure design and innovation. His emails were a pleasure to receive and I'm glad I gave him great pleasure sending him many of the lures I made he wanted to try and caught fish with. Thankfully he caught so many fish this year, especially catfish, up until recently when the weather was prohibitive.

The man had a way with words like no other and to me, personally inspirational. It's like I've known him all my life and have lost the best fishing buddy and closest friend anyone could have.

Rest in peace John and keep catch'n 'em!


Creature Man

New member
Nov 13, 2013
Very Sad to hear about John. I don’t frequent this site much, but do read some here. John introduced me several years back, as he was excited to rig up a few of my hand poured Creatures….

Condolences to his Family and friends…
Creature Man!