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Mar 29, 2013
Kiel, Germany
21`s low gas prices and high lay off quote at reasonable pay (we enjoy a socially harnessed capitalism) skyrocketed my sales but pressured seatrout fishing in a way I never would have thought possible. This spring with almost normal employment and high gas prices was much better.


Now even the trawlers are saving fuel and lay off flounder fishing alltogether, resulting in a fantastic frequenzy and a learning curve that opened my eyes for a totally new Gulp-based approach that frees my customers from the difficult lug worm live bait infrastructure for good. My flounder lure sales are off the hook, and I haven`t even yet made use of the underwater footage I gathered.

Embrace the suck!



BTW I thougt the three of us would not do politics anymore because it kills the forum???


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Mar 23, 2010
Ogallala, NE
Hey Bucho, you're cutting Gulp in half too, eh? Have prices gone up out your way too? Last year my 5" Gulp Sinking Minnows were $4.99 a pack, now $7 at Walmart.

For awhile sharing different points of political views on the forum with others participating was informational, for me anyway. My recent comments are non-partisan and humor based.

Dunno if political posting dialed forum activity down to near zero cuz hey if you don't like it ignore it. As you say if we're lucky our skillsets are a continual learning curve and I'm sharing what I'm learning to maybe help others. Last night rediscovered the efficacy of added metal flash + paddle tail swim bait for the first two big wipers of the season 8-10# + now RARE 23" walleye on a shank propeller bead collar Hooksup pinned with a 3" pearl Powerbail Ripple Shad. And switching to a smaller plain jig for white bass experienced local Norm seriously outfished me with a Rooster Tail spinner.

And Hookup continues to post some admirable catches river fishing for smallies. Main thing we're catching fish.


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May 22, 2012
Ever since covid hit and the country shut down, the rivers started returning to health

So did the mosquito population, ticks, and horse flies lol

Guess you gotta pay to play

I'll continue paying for gas because I can't afford the prices of an electric vehicle. Another downfall of an electric vehicle is there's no charging stations in the remote areas I travel too - but can always carry a couple 5g Jerry gan if I go to far out

I stocked up on Gulp when Dicks had them on sale last year -- good thing too because the ones I use for perch fishing and brackish water went up 50 percent in price.