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    Hair jigs

    Anything goes, JiggerJohn ties with dog hair and reports those jigs are successful.
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    Night Eyes

    Using the same 3" pearl Powerbait Ripple Shad thumper tail having a best year ever targeting wallys at night. Alewives are spawning along the shoreline of Lake Mac and wallys have followed them. Rocky shorelines have been best for me and think I may have caught as many chunks this year than in...
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    My best painted jigs

    Purty, like snowflakes or a Jackson Pollock painting. Do yah think they will be more attractive to fish?
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    Opposum jigs and more

    Are those black Barbarians and if so why do you like them ?
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    heat transfer foil

    Those look certain to catch fish-ermen.
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    Opposum jigs and more

    Yup, fine looking ties - wallys here like white and I only tie with crosscut strips. What is the black hair with the nice sheen ?
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    Spring Bucktails

    I don't tie hair, but yours look as good as it gets. Are you tying on collared or no collar heads ? If no collar have you considered upgrade hooks? The Do-it STL-8M-A with 2x hooks 2 each 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, & 1/4 heads. Most weights can fit size up or down from recommended hooks.
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    Update On JigCraft

    Looking forward to your creations posts RG. The warm water season is almost starting, maybe a week out here from some walleye activity. Then, on to wipers, smallies, and catfish all on jigs of course. Lets hear the stories, hopefully I'll have some to share.
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    Latest Mustad Jig Hooks

    So then JiggerJohn, why are you currently favoring the LONGEST shank jighook I ever saw ?
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    trout lures

    No doubt spinners catch lots of trout, and I remember my jigs being spanked by a spinner guys in CO. Thinking the metal flash was necessary, used to fish JiggerJohn's Boolie propeller jigs exclusively with satisfying results compared to the approach of others. When I started fishing a local...
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    trout lures

    Does the spinning blade help to resist snags ? Do the rows of dots on the bodies add to the attraction ? Have you used spinners to target walleye ?
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    trout lures

    Sorry EdB, missed this as it was hidden at the bottom of the topics page that I never look at. Quite a variety, do you have any favorites or do they all work? What weights and size hooks are they? Never fished spinners myself as jigs always seem to produce in my area. Do you like spinners...
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    Full of carp !

    Never caught a carp that looks like it was missing (lots!) scales and JiggerJohn informed me that it was probably a mirror carp.  Yep, sure enuf online images were a ringer.  It fought differently from a carp, more vigorous head shakey and jerk running almost troutlike.  First one ever and nice...
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    Full of carp !

    After a mediocre 2 trout session decided to try and snag one in a small pool they always seem to hold in to liven things up.  Luckily didn't have to deal with hauling one in sideways or tail first as a nice one bout 25# decided to bite the 1/16 #4 skrat jig.  On 4# gear took awhile to tire out...
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    Fun indeed on the right coast ! Fishing sure ain't slowed down here - I need to hike 3 miles to escape the poached out easier access areas and actually catch a few trout. "poached" because the landowners say I'm the only one granted permission to fish their riverfront property. Smallies are...
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    So you guys wouldn`t have me over any more, would you?

    Good to know yer still kicking Mr. HU ! Check in if you can guys n gals. REALLY looking forward to Spring and some fierce battles with warm water chunkies ! Thinking learning to smoke catfish will be a worthy project this year. Just enjoyed smoked trout on buckwheat soba noodles for dinnter...
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    Bucktail Video

    That should help a lot of novice tiers get started or even more advanced ones refine their tekneek. Are the eyes sunken beads? Never say never, altho I don't have use for two tone hair jigs, thanks to the vid tutorial at least I'll know how to tie em. My rabbit & mink fur ties get shredded...
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    JigCraft Funding

    I'm in for $50 - send me Paypal info.
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    Michigan Ice

    Nice wally ! No jigs ?
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    Been a long time!

    Didyah modify a Do-it STL mold to fit a dropper eyelet ? Why use a short shank hook ?