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    jewel in the shallows

    Couple nails and a board is what I use to use as a wire bender. Now I buy them pre bent and make modifications when I need too
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    night fishing

    I keep telling the local guides they need to put packages together for the British to carp fish over here. Our rivers are full of monster carp
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    My best painted jigs

    Since allot of the jigs I make are on smaller hooks, I clean the eyes before baking - allot easier. Have one of those hand eye cleaners that take of about 90% of the paint. They hit the eye with an old box cutter blade and scrap off the remaining 10%
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    Anniversary gift

    Morning smoke Chopped up fresh ginger, garlic, and onion real fine. Mixed with soy sauce, teriyaki, shirasa, brown sugar and EVOO. Marinated for 24 hours. Smoking with hickory.
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    jewel in the shallows

    JJ - I bought the harnesses already formed. Added a swivel and a big ( I think #3?) blade. I fish a local stream we name "the little Jewel" because it's so productive and most wouldn't even thing there's fish in it.
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    night fishing

    I wear on of those head lamps from Petzl. Just don't turn and stare at your fishing partner or you'll blind them
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    Anniversary gift

    Nice thing Hawn is they all work well. I've used all the smokers for both meat & fish. Each smoker has a learning curve and I'm working to learn this one. And I wanted to play with fire again LOL
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    Anniversary gift

    I'm been smoking meat for the past 30 years. Usually use an old grill converted to a smoker until they rust out. About 8 years ago bought a box smoker from Wally World and it worked, but always wanted a Weber. The box smoker bit the dust early this year and my wife's been missing me smoking...
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    night fishing

    For small mouth, anything black that moves allot of water
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    Ordering Out of Country?

    I stoped buying anything directly from China on eBay or Amazon. Never get what's advertised and to go through the issues to return just isn't worth the hassle. Never tried Ali
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    I normally fish white perch with a UL and 4# mono. What's really cool is the bonus fish you hook up when targeting the perch Here's a lizard fish I got - first ever And red fish
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    jewel in the shallows

    Last couple years I started chasing white perch too. Great fun on UL. I normally wake up at o'dark thirty and come home by twilight. You're right, they are tasty. But I learned a lesson - came home with a bunch of them after a full day fishing and then had to fillet them. Worked into the...
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    More jigs using crinkle paint

    Nice job again Jim. Definitely eye candy.
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    Latest Mustad Jig Hooks

    Couple months ago was able to stock up on Matzuo's. Barlows must have had a hidden stash they found and was able to get all the sizes I fish with. When I couldn't get Matzuo's, got some Eagle Claw Little Nasties. They work nicely too
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    My best painted jigs

    I think I just had a flashback .... Nice paint job!
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    Personal best

    Had an outrageous day chasing white perch about a month ago. Over 100 each, fish on almost every cast and even a small stripper or two. Even got a PB white perch.
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    Sorry about no title. Still getting the hang of the new layout
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    Decided to change things up because the small mouth bass fishing has been terrible on my local waters. Made some safety spinners and hand poured & painted jigs. Cheated and used Gulp to tip instead of a skirt. Pickles like them
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    Been a while for me too. Between work, family, and fish'n been a while since I've been here. Still tying jigs. Still pouring. Still painting. Still fishing. Hope all is well for everyone.
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    Status of old threads

    Old user ID and password still works