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    It's Official

    Congrats on your retirement!
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    Crappie report - video

    Here is a short video I made of my last trip in the kayak. The kayak is a Wilderness Ride 115 and I modified it so I can use my Hobie's Foot drive. A awesome kayak now!!!! The bite was on the slow side this day and the wind was real strong @ around 20 mph, they were calling for 7 mph winds :-/...
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    A fly becomes a spinner

    Been thinking about making some 1/16 oz spinners but wanted to come up with something different. This fly is tied using a #4 Octopus hook. The whole spinner ends up weighing 1/8 oz +/- a little. Haven't been tested but I will report on how well it works.
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    Two Stayner Ducktails Colors

    First I have to say Thanks to AllenOk for posting his flies and for all the info in the replies in his post. I tied these Stayner Ducktails on a curved hook (Miemco 200R) fly 1 red hackle, chart/black size 2 chenille with silver tinsel, natural mallard flank and red thread 8/0 with 12 wraps...
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    New Winged Grass Hopper

    Been working with a lot of chain eye flies lately and setting at the vise yesterday I got to playing around with a grass hopper fly I been working with this spring. Just never was satisfied on how it was looking with each change I made on. Think I have the fly like I want it.
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    Yes, they worked

    Was going camping over the weekend for some crappie fishing and spent some time tying myself some jigs to use. I received a phone call from a friend that said the hybrids and striper were starting to run up the rivers. Made a few calls to find out what the water color was and it turned out to be...
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    New concept

    Been playing around with this jigs for a month or so and thought y'all may find it interesting. Have not used it yet but will when the crappie start moving closer to the spawning grounds. For the last two year the crappie have been hitting a slider jig over most tied jigs so I think this one may...
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    We lost one that brought a lot to fishing with his tackle making. RIP
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    RIP Little Jimmy Dickens

    Little Jimmy Dickens - RIP
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    Kayak Shark Fishing!!

    Our kayak club made a trip to Beaufort SC over the weekend for some salt water fishing but the main goal was to fish for shark. We fished Friday from 9am to 5pm with a lot of small shark caught with the biggest being 6'. Saturday we fished from 8:30 to 4:00pm when a massage storm built around us...
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    Mylar Tube jig - video

    I'm liking the Mylar jigs, easy to tie and can mix a lot of colors to go with the different colors of tubing. [video=youtube]
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    New to me fly

    I seen a fly tied like this somewhere, can't remember where but it was tied with smaller material making it close to the hook. When I tied these I wanted a little bigger profile. I have caught crappie and bream working the fly on the bottom. This is a size 12 barbless hook with red hourglass...
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    Kayak catting

    Our kayak club went to a lake this weekend that I had not fished before but I now have another lake to add to my fishing lakes. Montecello is made by pumping water from a big river and is used by a nuclear plant. There was 8 of us that went down Friday to try and catch some small bream or perch...
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    Few SC gill and crackers

    Been fishing some in the yak and on the banks for the gill and cracker. Some are ready to work the beds and some are just putting on the colors. A few pics of the gill and cracker and one a few crappie caught in the yak last month,
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    Something different

    I received a mail order last week and when I opened the package they had used some kind of silver sheets as a packing material. Soon as I seen the material I knew I was keeping it for later use. After looking at it laying beside my tying table for a few days :-/ I couldn't stand it just laying...
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    For all the Texas guys!

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    LedHed check these out~~!!

    I hate when someone takes another's jig design and calm it is theirs. What you think Sonny.
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    Tying and painting bench build

    Well I been tying in the corner of the room long enough so I spent some time building a new tying, airbrushing, powder painting bench. :icon14: Moved my tying area from the corner to in front of the window so I can see the world go by as I work, sure is a lot better. Everything has been laid out...
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    A road full !!

    We had a guy kill three people at a home in the next town to me. He took a car and the chase started. He later dumped the car and grabbed a truck at a construction site. He was shooting at the law as he was running the truck at high speeds. He hit a car in front of my house and run off the road...
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    Happy Birthday CandiCane

    Jennifer, hope you are having a great day and hope you receive a truck load of gifts!!. Happy Birthday :icon14::icon14: