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    my workbench

    this is where I get jiggy lol
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    latest creations

    since I have been out of commission with foot surgery I have had time to create hope u like .the hair jig is a 3/4 oz head bream buster powder paint with the three colors of Icelandic sheeps wool purple flash and olive 400 denier thead also two purple saddle hackle feathers the crappie jig is...
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    tripple M jig (midnight,muddy,murder)

    another attempt at some new patterns and material 1/16oz.head ,#4 matzuo sickle hook,black powder paint from Pro Tec,new age chenille Pay Off from Crazy Angler,hot pink saltwater hackle,pearl magnum flashabuo
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    crappie jigs

    jst one where I tried some different materials . head color is called disco orange from Crazy Angler ,chenille is called Sea Foam also from Crazy Angler and is a new age ,tail consist of yellow and cart. salt water hackle,and the attractor is pearl magnum flashabuo. all this tied on 1/16 oz...
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    deep water stroking jigs

    first time tying this big of jig but they are fun .Tied them for a friend who tourney fishes hope they help.
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    crappie jigs

    take a look will do custom work to give me a shout
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    looking for a vise

    well my wife just told me that i have been a good boy this year so i can get me an updated vise. Oh yeah so i am looking for a peak vise that is slightly used in the 90-100 dollar range any help greatly appreciated
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    ky lake readear jig colors?

    hi guys was wondering if there were any ideas on jig colors for Ky and Barkley lake redear and gills
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    ky lake readear jig colors?

    hi guys I live near Ky and Barkley lakes in Ky and I am wanting to tie some small jigs to use for them . I was wondering if any of you had some color ideas ie head,body flash or other attracten to use any suggestions welcome and ty in advance
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    looking for a rotary vise not to hard on the wifes heart lol
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    prayer request

    I just found out that a man who was in this jig tying game and who took time to show videos of how to tie crappie jigs has passed away recently . His name was Joey Anderson from Texas and owner of Custom Crappie May God Bless his family and if u can when u r praying say one for his...
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    which feathers

    Hi guys and gals I am new to this art and have a ? about what makes the best feathers for crappie jigs? I am using saltwater neck hackle right now and cutting them in v shape sections but am trying to find some feathers a little bit larger and longer. Any suggestions greatly appreciated .
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    thanks for welcome

    hi everyone I am from ky and have just gotten into jig tying. I mostly tie crappie and some bass hair and hackle jigs but enjoy learning new things.I love crappie fishing and even more eating thank you all for this site I look forward to getting to know u all may God Bless u all.