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  1. New River Rat

    Jig Transport

    I am curious as to everyone's methods of toting jigs from home to fishing spot. I can't seem to find a decent solution available, so I'm asking you. Not that there isn't a viable method, it's just that I can't find one. I'm at work right now, so I can't take a pic of my box. I will post one...
  2. New River Rat

    Smallie snacks

    Thanksgiving has came and went, cold water has came to stay. For a while. Jigs have been twisted up in large numbers in case of river snaggage. This should be enough. Boys, I'm ready to chase cold water smallmouth!!!!! This were twisted while waiting on the wood stove to catch up. Mostly I use...
  3. New River Rat

    Fishing lure jewelry

    Sat around today, raining, bad football, and made my grand daughters some jewelry. Indiana bladed earrings, rooster-tail earrings, Joe's flies earrings and a rooster-tail necklace.
  4. New River Rat


    I've just found this site and it appears fairly new. Has anyone used their services, and if so, any opinions? Thanks!
  5. New River Rat

    Rattle can art

    I had two really ugly crankbaits laying around that weren't being used. I haven't pulled the trigger on a painting system, but I spent a LOT of my youth painting bicycles and go-karts. These two were done with simple rattle cans, then covered with a two part epoxy. Didn't take a lot of pains...
  6. New River Rat

    Spinnerbaits F/S

    I've got a load of baits I've made and are not going to use. They are, for the most part, .035 wire and 5/8 ounce hiddenweight. I'll take $4 each, NO S&H added, if you buy at least three baits. Click the link below and pm me with the corresponding #s in the upper right hand corner. I have tried...
  7. New River Rat

    Craw pincers

    Anyone have a tip for crawfish pincers? These are for football jigs. I did a search and found info, but I'm looking for "easy". Here's Crawzilla.
  8. New River Rat

    I'm confused......

    .......the title of the board is "Crappie - Perch". I've always lumped crappie in with sunfish, and a perch, is well, a perch. This is being called a "perch". To me, this is a perch. Am I missing something?
  9. New River Rat

    Skirt tutorial

    I've taken a lot from this site and thought I give a little. My jigs and spinnerbaits are geared toward smallies and don't come NEAR the works of art I see on this site. Anyway, I have learned a way to "tie" skirts that works for me. I was in a fabric shop (don’t laugh, I find lots of stuff...
  10. New River Rat

    My junque

    Some old stuff I've collected over the years.
  11. New River Rat

    October Bronze

    I LOVE hunting season!!!! This is from a couple weeks back. Just hadn't been on the site lately. My New has been blown out a lot this year, so I had to jump all over the place to find suitable water. I have caught a good share of 20" smallies, plus 6 muckin' fuskies on bass tackle. Good gawd...
  12. New River Rat

    Football heads

    Looking for this type jig. It's a 5/16 or 3/8. The hook is some type sickle with a kind of short shank. Anyone pour these?
  13. New River Rat


    The name of this board is wire bending. I don't know too much about flies and jigs (that's why I'm here), but I have been bending wire a L-O-N-G time. Most of my baits are 5/8 hidden weight (compact) with a #5 Indiana blade.Just thought I'd share a few with you guys and if anyone has a question...
  14. New River Rat

    Coon tail flies

    I saw a coon today (roadkill) and it had me wondering if anyone has ever used coon tail in their flies? The coon tail has a pretty nice barre to it. Also, same thing for mink? I see them all the time and was wondering if anyone used those. I got me a big ol' fox squirrel tail...
  15. New River Rat

    Muskie mojo

    I got up with some new (pun intended) friends to day for some fishing. Lower New is finally clearing and green, but still a touch high and a cold 38º. Anyway, I had a partner lined up, he bailed, 2nd partner called last night and had to work today. I guess they don't like taking my picture or...
  16. New River Rat

    First rod build

    This rod has been out three times now and she is great! This is my first build and it was designed to throw, what else? Jigs! Most sensitive rod I have ever fished. I ordered a high modulus HM-MB843-MHX from Mudhole, some American Tackle Nanolite guides, super grade cork and still came in $60...
  17. New River Rat

    Getting started

    After finding this site and knowing how smallmouth love "snacks", I spent time in my dungeon/shop yesterday (not having a clue).
  18. New River Rat

    No true collecter, but...

    .....I have accumulated some older things.
  19. New River Rat

    There goes the neighborhood

    Hey, names Sam, fish the New River in VA. Love to tinker with baits, mostly spinnerbaits and jigs. Need to pick up some (i.e. "steal") some ideas from this site. This place looks promising!