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  1. Jig Man

    A little Something...

    Yep, that is the mold the black and silver jig is from. And this is the chub.  I would be interested in some of the chub if you have time.
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  3. Jig Man

    A little Something...

    Thank you for the comments guys I appreciate it. So far the only responses have come from this one is the ole bass, but hey they eat just fine. Maybe I can find some crappie this morning. Thank you for the offer JJ, this is the ball head mold with eye sockets. If your mold is the one from...
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  5. Jig Man

    A little Something...

    ... that has been working this year.  Ron Don spinner jig head 1/8 oz, sure would like some more of those. 0 spinner Got the chenille from Crappiehappy, not sure what it is. black and white bou. and a #1 hook silver flash...
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  7. Jig Man

    Opposum jigs and more

    Nice ones JJ...
  8. Jig Man

    JigCraft Funding

    Dang, late to the party as well. I'm down for a wardrobe change as well if one is in the future...
  9. Jig Man

    Night Zander Jig

    Nice fish...
  10. Jig Man

    Painting with Epoxy Video

    Nice one Jay...To bad you don't have any jig heads...
  11. Jig Man

    Permanent Markers

    I use paint pens... sometimes for eyes.
  12. Jig Man

    Vise Porn

    Looks like sompin Herter's would make... Cool find.
  13. Jig Man

    Some random ties

    Bet they all catch fish...
  14. Jig Man

    Corona Time - Panfish

    Looks like some very fine table fair to me...
  15. Jig Man

    So you guys wouldn`t have me over any more, would you?

    All good here, been on furlough since April 1, and in quarantine since before then. Bride and I have had all our needs met. Not working, but have been busy hunting, running jug lines, crappie fishing, and going to the store for staples about once every 10 days. Looks like I may get back to work...
  16. Jig Man

    Testing a new Camera

    Looks good Jay...
  17. Jig Man

    Chub Heads

    Nice ones sir...
  18. Jig Man

    pond trout

    Yep, we have them here also, but usually the fish variety is catfish. The TPWD does have locations around the state where they release trout in the winter time. Fishing is fast and furious around those places...
  19. Jig Man

    Peak Vise

  20. Jig Man

    Tying a bucktail Streamer

    Great work Jay...