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  1. QPassage

    Hook List Question

    Hi All It's been a while.  I have stopped a few times in the last couple years.  But been busy as ever.  Major neck surgery last Fall went well and no more p0ain or pain meds,  still tying "a lot", mold collecting has hit the 140 mark, and my reg job is 4 months backlogged.  Life is crazy. I...
  2. QPassage

    Faux Fur

    Guys this is pretty amazing stuff.   $3 for a swatch that is about a 10x10 inch square. It's a little slicker than the hairline and sometimes getting a nice tight knot can be difficult.  But the end results on jigs...
  3. QPassage

    More Hair Jigs for Bass

    I had to pull the reins back from the 3/4 and 1 oz  to these 3/8 oz.  I've been tying a lot of these lately, sure beats tying those 1/120 jigs.  They are hard to see after tying a few of these. Might have to put a couple of these in my tackle box.
  4. QPassage

    Duck Feather source

    I just wanted to pass alone to the rest of those here, who tie with duck feathers.  I use a lot of duck during float and fly season and had ran out of a few things.  I found this person on ebay.  ...
  5. QPassage

    Big Hair Ties

    I tied up a few of these for a shop night before last.  Man they sure came out nice.  The Chart/White is a swing tail.   [img=800x518] [img=800x600] [img=800x600] The Swing Tail he liked so much in the 1/2 oz he ordered some in the 1 1/4 oz.  Those will have the 2 inch blade and will be...
  6. QPassage

    FnF Season this weekend in KY

    I tied a few up for a buddy of mine to get wet this weekend.  Can't wait to see how they do, the Olive Oyl is an older tie it has been a go to jig for FnF at Dale Hollow for a couple years now.   Olive Oyl Sandpiper Gyspy Gillzilla
  7. QPassage

    Swap 41 "No Clowning around!"

    When i was a kiddo many, many years ago, I loved the circus.    So in honor of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ending it's 146 year run this year, I'm thinking clowns are in order for this swap.  So sign up and show off your best clown jig.  Size, style, and colors are up to you.  Lets...
  8. QPassage

    Wanting Frosted Zonkers

    I'm looking for black with purple tips and Black with Brown tips.  Anyone have a good source?  Apparently mine has dried up did Spirit River sell out?
  9. QPassage

    Spinner Bait

    A little Hare for the Hog.   1/4 oz weight, 4/0 Mustad, Stainless Steel Swivel and a #5 Mag Willow.
  10. QPassage

    Trout Teasers

    Made these 1/16 oz teasers getting ready for Feb/March trout fishing.  They are small stock trout here in KY but nonetheless fun.  What ya think?
  11. QPassage

    Herring Jigs I tied

    Oh yeah, I'm loving this mold..
  12. QPassage

    New Float N Flies

    Hopefully it will cool some some to get a proper test on these.   Any one else tying FnF yet?
  13. QPassage

    Honey Bee

    Playing with some ice jigs this weekend and I got side tracked.  This 1/100 oz jig should be a fantastic jig next summer.
  14. QPassage

    New DoIt Molds

    They are in boys and girls and the 2 new ones I got today are freakin awesome. Simply beautiful. Didn't have hooks for the other mold yet.  But it is the stand up mushroom with the wire keeper.  Both these new molds are going to be fantastic baits.
  15. QPassage

    Bass Jig Spinners

    Playing with the jigs this week.  I'm thinking this bad girl will be a Bass snack. Sarsaparilla She works great in the water after many skirts and adjustments.  A drag in the pool is all I can do right now.  Been laid up 9 weeks now with 2 bulging disc in the neck and 4 bone spurs that like to...
  16. QPassage

    Live Bait Jig

    I really like the looks of this jig.  Once I use up the matzo hooks up, I'll probably move to a Mustad though.  
  17. QPassage

    New Jig/Spinner bait

    I been making these Hog Rocker arm for a couple months now and they work really nice.  Especially a hot lip Jig.  But here I have a sample of my new style Hognators which will come with a Hog Rocker arm.   What I like about it is the arm can quickly be changed from bait to bait as well as...
  18. QPassage

    Red Fishin in New Orlns

    Day 1 of 3 Small fish but we did get close to our limit. One more and we would have had 10. Biggest was about 25 inches. and 2 flounders. Small, but the plus side is better eating size fish. Tomorrow we hope to be returning big fish and keeping only a few if any. It kinda sucks to...
  19. QPassage

    Glider Jig

    Ok I'm needing some help.  I'm wanting to make this jig. on an Arky jig.  Any ideas on getting the blade to adhere to the...
  20. QPassage

    Orange Tip Pincher

    A new line of Craw Jigs I'm making.  Pricey little guy to make with these razor sharp Trokar hooks.