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    Luv it when a plan comes together

    Just got back from the CA desert. Needed to take Dad to a VA appointment so flew out to see him and check things out. While I was out there a high school buddy called me and said that a hurricane just pushed allot of warm water up the CA coast and brought tropical fish with it. Mahi Mahi was...
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    Another fun day but water's looooowwwwww

    Got a call to fish Labor Day with a buddy from KBF. Since thunderstorms were in the forecast early afternoon so we met at o'dark thirty Started the float with some drizzle but stopped soon. Drizzled off and on all day. When the rain came, the fish got active. Rain stopped, fish stopped...
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    Another nice day

    Day started with the drive. Deer everywhere. As I got close to the river I could see a bald eagle while driving by. Got to the river and saw pterodactyls fishing (great blue herons). I knew in my heart fishing would be good. As soon as we launched Leon hooked up. Figured I'd better get the...
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    Nice day on the water

    Did a 6 mile kayak float last weekend. Started out hot and stayed that way the whole day. Morning started out hot and the day got hotter Started out hot when my buddy make his first cast and the rod bent in half. Fish hit his fluke like a freight train but sadly heartbreak. This wasn't...
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    Finally allowed back into Canada

    Day after fishing on the Potomac, a buddy and I jumped into his van and drove 630 miles north the a hotel in Ontario. There we picked up supplies, had a nice dinner, then had our last night in a hotel. We woke early, had breakfast and drove another 230 miles to our destination. There we...
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    Caught them in fresh water ...

    But the came from salt water to spawn.  Broke my shad cherry.  First time fishing for them.  Double hook ups were common
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    Due to the pandemic I have allot of friends that no longer fish.  Smallies have been in decline in the area's I fish. Not sure why?   So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and hit the brackish waters One buddy fishes white perch tourneys and needed a partner.  So broke out my UL rods &...
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    Cold but productive

    Hit the water yesterday for 8 hours.  Great time.   Day started out in the low 30's, real feel in the 20's.  Wind was in the forecast, but it was a calm morning.  Couple bites the first few hours but nothing connected.  Wind came up and it got chilly.  Next thing I know, it's snowing. Pretty...
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    Another Canadian trip in the books

      Another Canadian trip in the books. Best so far for big fish and numbers. Nice variety too. Started with a 17 hour drive. We stopped about 12 hours into the drive then bought food and got a hotel. Then woke early, drove the remaining 5 hours, and fished the rest of the day. Fish started biting...
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    Hero's on the Water

    Guy on another board had a binding Shimano he was going to toss.  Having a little experience with Shimbindo's, I said send it to me and I'll fix it and donate it to Hero's on the Water. Reel's been sitting on my desk since last year, and since it's shrinkage cold outside, tore it apart.  Can...
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    Fall is upon us on the east coast

    With the temps in the 60's and the river clear as a bell and safe, decided to play hooky yesterday and fish the local waters with a buddy.  As we were on the way to the ramp, saw allot of deer running around and we had to stop to let a few cross the street.  At the ramp, wild life was everywhere...
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    Since it's been so quite ...

    Just got back from the great North - Ey? We were in Quebec Had 9 days of the most epic smallie, pike, and walleye fishing I've ever experienced 50+ pix of 18s, 19s, and 20s smallies. 16 inchers fought stronger than any 20 inchers I've caught locally Smallies up there were mean - thumbs are...
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    Gotta luv the barter

    Got a buddy who's a plumber  Had a small leak under the sink & decided to call him instead of throwing my back out figuring it out then fixing it We usually be fishing, hunting, motorcycles, guns when he's here and last time I gave him a couple dozen jigs as a tip The leak turned into a bit...
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    Gel nail polish

    All the ladies at work are raving over the new gel nail polish Expensive stuff Lasts forever, doesn't chip, durable ... Since I've used allot of nail polish in the past has any one tried it to paint jigs? Fished with it for durability?
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    Arkansas fishing

    The section we floated was an Arkansas trophy small mouth section of the Kings river. We spent five days floating the river. Camped on gravel bars every night except one where we stayed at a camp ground where my car was so we could restock beer & fresh food. We ate good every night.   Didn't...
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    Managed a few

    Got out before the thunderstorms and the river rose 9'.  At least we got one good day on the river.  Caught them on swimbaits and spinnerbaits. 
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    Fish don't always follow the rules

    uddy and I hit a VA river on Saturday.  River was up, pushy, stained, and the wind was forecasted to be 12-15 mph, but it felt like that forecast was low.  Still managed to get catch fish.  Everything came on a green pumpkin/red flake tube with a 1/8th oz tube jig I pour.  Odd thing was the...
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    Targeted a new species this weekend

    Did some find urban assault fishing this weekend and caught my first snakeheads allot of a few largemouth and a dinner plate sized crappie
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    What did I get?

    Buddy just dropped by.  He said he knew I tied stuff and gave me an usable hen (price marked 29.95), a ringneck pheasant tail, and what looks like bird wing and body that's been taxidermied - very colorful.   Now what do I tie with it.  I have no clue on what to do with feathers unless I tie...
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    Vodka Lox

    Wife got me Guy Fieri’s Family Foods cook book and found a recipe to cure salmon and make lox.  Never curing anything other than pork bellies, I tried it   Mixed 1/4c vodka, 3-5 diced garlic cloves, and 1/4t of ground black pepper.  Washed 1.5# salmon, trimmed, and patted dry w/ paper towels...