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    Looks ok

    Your flies/jigs look very good and obviously catch fish. A couple hints on cheap tying material is to get deer tails from your hunting buddies and duck feathers from your duck hunters. You can use many different dies for color, from Kool-Aid to RIT to Dharma. As to colors for "Up North", I...
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    wacky is as wacky does...

    Spoonminnow, Great photos of a fun day on the water! Do you use a bobber for these baits or do you free line them and watch the line carefully? You have me interested in trying wacky rigs for panfish now. Thanks for sharing.
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    Finally allowed back into Canada

    Congratulations Hookup on the Canadian fishing. You must have gotten up there as soon as they opened the border. July fishing on those Canadian Shield lakes can be hit or miss affairs. I'm glad you found a morning bite for those smallies.
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    Powder paint coverage issue

    Ariding88, Are you having problems with only the white paint or all colors? I have had minor problems with old, white powder paint I bought at yard sales, mostly it was color fading or too thin in one application. Many times the imperfections are removed in the baking process, especially...
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    Spring Bucktails

    After a number of years of following JigCraft, I have finally worked up the courage to post some of my work.  This has been a great site for me and I have learned a tremendous amount on the art of making jigs.  Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge.  I continue to search the archives...