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  1. Bucho

    Slow Slab

    Slow Jigging is all the rage overseas while many Americans look at casting jigs and wonder what the fuzz is all about since they`ve been doing almost the same thing for ages. Almost the same....  The thing is, there are some interesting new perspectives to it. In their attempt to evade fishing...
  2. Bucho

    Prototyping an inchiku jig mold

    Looking for new ways to adapt slow jig techneeks to my shallow home waters, I have done very well with improvised inhciku jigs for small mouthed flounder. Namely a 1oz Flutter jig with a hole in it, rigged with a bucktail flounder teaser from e-bay (=China) and a pair of #2 octopus. Tipped with...
  3. Bucho

    Squid Jig Mold

    Howdy! I came across this cheap knock-off from a pouring supply store that makes cheap knock offs from molds that some guys found desireable for Norway n stuff. The action is fantastic, a very unique lure! The mold however is nothing to work efficiently with. The perfect fit of do-it inserts...
  4. Bucho

    heat transfer foil

    I am intrigued with this stuff, and as it seems it can`t be too hard. Does anybody have experience? Would love to combine it with powderpaint.
  5. Bucho

    So you guys wouldn`t have me over any more, would you?

    I hear its the European`s turn now to not be let into the U.S.. Frankly, I understand. The Chinese Government has managed to get a grip on the plague but only with measures that are inapropriate for a western democracy. Situation in north Italy is bad. ERs are saturated, certain groups like...
  6. Bucho

    pond trout

    We have this ridiculously small "put and take" (is that even a thing in english speaking countries?) trout ponds where people cure their cabin fever during off-season or just go for meat. I have learned to respect them. What looks like literally shooting fish in a barrel follows its own rules...
  7. Bucho

    More than I was bargaining for

    Had a friend over for bucktailing cod in front of the shop yesterday morning. Trout used to show every evening lately so I made a few casts in the shallows around dusk. Got some small and pre-spawn ones together with this well fed 53cm keeper. You can spot my lure maker nemesis, the...
  8. Bucho

    Baltops Naval Excercise

    Its "Kiel Week" again, we are expecting 3Mio bilge drinking visitiors over for free concerts, quite a bit of sailing contests and last not least half the free world`s navy to relax after the "Baltops" naval exercise. What struck me this year at the "open ship" event in the naval base is not only...
  9. Bucho

    small boat cod

    Had very little success lately chasing flatfish with my own boat so I was happy to follow the invitaiton of a friend who knows every single boulder in the outer kiel firth. We had 7 nice cod in the 60-70cm range which is a very satisfying size over here. Its been a while since I harvested so...
  10. Bucho

    Spiralz- beads on a wire

    I hear these catch overbred rainbow trout in P&T ponds. Certainly not seaworthy, the hook needs to be vcry light, but easy to make and a unique action.  Beads on a wire basically.
  11. Bucho

    Urban Outdoor Air Purifier

    Seen everything? If not, come to Kiel and check out our new air purifier! EU scientists had found out that people who lack the means and/or common sense to move out of the direct proximity of major roadways die significantly earlier than those who live in nice suburbs. They link this to...
  12. Bucho

    Carolina Keeper vs. Slide Lock beads

    I am very happy to retail Wiggle Fin Slide Lock beads together with their action discs which help me market trolling flies. The last customer who bought them - a substantial order of nothing but beads- mentioned the name "Carolina Keeper". Turns out both are registered trademarks for a product...
  13. Bucho

    Trout Jerky

    Ever since I tried some Namibian "Biltong" dried meat this summer I have developed a bit of a taste for dry stuff. Ordered several fish jerky variants but the only one I really liked was salmon, which is somewhat close to sea trout which again I happen to have on hands once in a while. I tried...
  14. Bucho

    custom mold maker

    Hi, no more monkey business with my moded usd wobble jig that sells like hot cake! I need a decent clean multi-cavity production mold, with handles and everything. Can anybody recommend a commercial mold maker? Prefferrably a guy who is familiar with jigs, can work with samples and doesn`t...
  15. Bucho

    Jigging Spoon (from the so called Do-It mold)

    Simply because I like new lures, I bought myself the so-called jigging spoon mold. I took the first one down to the jetty, dipped it in to see the action and with the 3rd lift I hooked the first legal sized brown I´ve seen since spring. Coincidential but impressive! Anyone uses this mold? I like...
  16. Bucho

    Asp on tins

    I lack the killer instict to target C&R species, but VMC team angler Nils is an avid asp angler. I joined him on a trip yesterday. You can think of asp as piscivorous asian carp - they are not even that bad eating but terrribly boney, nothing you want in your fridge as long as you have some...
  17. Bucho

    Matzuo 133010 Sickle O’Shaughnessy Jig Hooks or similar #1

    Hi, I failed to hold back a few hundred of these hooks for my private stash when I switched to VMC. Now a friend starts whining about the flounder jigs (usd wobble jig) working far better with them. They indeed do a great job in holding a good portion of a lug worm and hook small mouthed plaice...
  18. Bucho

    first hours of zander season

    This year I couldn`t wait and opened the season (June 1th) at 0:00h. Those are cm. ;)  Got another one that was a bit smaller. Nice opening. Things will get more hairy later into the summer when the fry overwhelmes the fish so I make the most out of June.  
  19. Bucho

    Spring`s first seatrout

    Its unusually cold over here, with another cold front of frost and snow predicted for the weekend. Was lucky to get a sea-run rainbow (escapee) yesterday which is a nice silvery fish if given enough time in the salt. It was jumping all over the place on light tackle, nice! Lot of tail-nibbling...
  20. Bucho

    Not happy with Barlow`s housebrand pp

    I was reminded today that Barlow`s housebrand expoxy based powder paint is a bit cloggy. I made a new batch of my sage sandeel back mix which is based on clear epoxy and wondered why it looked so awfull. Then it ocurred to me that I used the Barlows stuff instead of Pro Tec. Good news is that a...