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    Loafin' for bass

    I just figured out what it looks like John: a peanut. I came up with something similar a while back and the wobble action is the same as you described. The stick can be rigged from either end using a 1/64 oz or 1/32 oz jig: It has caught 5 fish species.
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    wobble drop dynamite

    They ain't pretty John, but the proof is always in the catch'n. In my case, I'm obsessed with symmetry and smooth lines and curves when making lures primarily because I want to believe that pretty is as pretty does.
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    Thicker body better in cloudy water?

    John, I have yet to use a Beetle Spin attached to any lure. Talk about maximum vibration and flash! But I have a feeling it wouldn't work being that as of now the lures I'm casting must drop slowly and be worked slowly either under overhangs or into weed pockets and channels. The Beetle Spin is...
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    Whiskas on a fish don't look so bad....

    Worked today as well as yesterday except in a different lake: Crappy and yellow perch were also caught on it. What a perfect day to fish: partly sunny, mild and a breeze not affecting the cast into weed pockets.
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    clear plastic lures catch fish - who knew?!

    I kind a figured that given the right shape, size and action, clear plastic would do as well as a lure with color. Of course once a clear plastic lure enters the water, its no longer colorless taking on background colors and modifying them. I made different lures in clear plastic and all of them...
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    Thicker body better in cloudy water?

    The waters in my area always have that cloudy green-algae suspension which is worse after rain runoff from inflows. You might think fish with smaller mouths would stay clear of thicker body soft plastics, but fact is, they have no problem attacking them. I dipped the body of this 2.5" grub in...
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    Whiskas on a fish don't look so bad....

    I had a spike tail mold laying around and figured: why not attach the tails on either side of a worm or grub segment? I've wacky rigged similar designs and done very well for different species and figured the subtle quiver of the tips should do very well. I wasn't wrong: I named the...
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    wacky is as wacky does...

    Now that you say it, today I fished the Whiskers (as I now call them) with a light 1/24 oz jig. It caught bass, sunfish and a few crappie: I rescued a small, round, foam float laying in the water and figured I'd put Whiskers beneath it due to the small chop on the water. Didn't rig it today...
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    wacky is as wacky does...

    Mid-hook-wacky would probably get bit fine but would also snag more weeds. For weedless presentations, I usually stick with T-rigged jerk worms and jerk sticks - both with bare-hook points exposed or resting on and flush with the surface. But 95 % of my fishing is with bare-point-hook lures...
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    wacky is as wacky does...

    Thanks John You are my best (only) source for testing my ideas. Hope the lures I sent catch a bunch! Frank
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    wacky is as wacky does...

    Senkos are a hit with many bass anglers especially wacky rigged where a hook is inserted into the middle of a stick-worm such as the Senko. The only success possible with the wacky rigged stick is the weight/ softness / tapered tips design - combination of the lure. What I wanted was a...
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    Used to use a tablespoon as a mold - now only a floor tile to make thin tail minnows.

    Words such as, "resembling prey seems reliable most of the time" and "When predators are in active feeding mode bait action will elicit bite responses", may be categorical descriptions of why a lure catches fish, but categories don't catch fish - lure action-by-design does. Line "vis" and "bite...
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    Go small or go home

    HJ, you're right when it comes to using larger lures for larger fish even in flowing water. This traditional bass jig has caught a lot of smallmouth in the river I fish: I routinely don't need to go heavier than 3/8 oz. - the same for spinnerbaits with or without trailers. My target areas are...
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    Go small or go home

    I would imagine all of the materials mentioned would trigger fish strikes and as many strikes as the soft plastics I design. The action of the materials is all the same: a billowing, flowing, all-direction, subtle swish. But here's the crux of using light jigs regardless the material: being able...
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    Uni knot made easier to tie

    Tried it with a circle hook I use on 8 lb test and it works.
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    tied jigs vs soft plastics

    Hands down, soft plastic rule.
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    Found a way to keep plastics in place on jigs

    The one thing I hate about using soft plastics on jigs is having to constantly push them back up after four or five fish. About 15 years ago I came up with what I call a grub grip that won't allow the lure to slide down the hook.
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    jigs are the way to go.

    jigs are the way to go.
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    Senkos aren't the only 'sticks' that catch fish

    After I caught bass on a 4" Senko it never occurred to me that anything smaller could catch fish or have the same action. Last year I discovered that could. I was fooling around and somehow came up with this 2 3/4" shape and attached a 1/64 oz jig - either wacky rigged or from the front...
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    Used to use a tablespoon as a mold - now only a floor tile to make thin tail minnows.

    One day I happened to stir hot plastic and noticed a film sticking to the tablespoon. Until now, I hadn't seen thin straight tails sold anywhere but wondered if the thin, flat plastic quiver would be a game-changer when curl-tails failed. So I cut the shape of the minnow from the thin sheet and...