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    Fish pots

    Yours is bigger than mine. Cool pics, thanks for sharing.
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    Do-it Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig

    Contacted Harry Simmons at re: my criticism about the hooks and his response: Since last July we/ Do-it has sold well over 1 million of the 10777BN-1. To date the only negative feedback has been because the hooks were out of stock and customers could not get enough of them...
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    American jobs

    Bucho, you were right about Turkey's Erdogan. The lone voice with veto power to prevent Finland and Sweden membership in NATO. Quote: Let´s not include Turkey, that´s another story. At the end of the day, Trump is following the american Dream, Putin is a patriot in his own sleazy KGB way and...
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    Weightless Jigging

    Right, what? Kinda bypasses the definition of a jig = weight with molded in hook but hey its still a non bait single hook presentation. Total newbie to bass fishing only got interested last year with opportunity to catch fish in relatively open water. With new friends Bill and Bill taking me...
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    What they say is true - bigger lure/bigger fish

    Mr. SM, just noticed your mention of "real surface lures" assuming of a size that crappie could get stuck on? Could you elaborate?
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    Adding Stripes to Bucktail

    Really nice ties !
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    Do-it Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig

    First, let me apologize for not being able to take and post pics. Since Jungle Jim posted pics of this jig, thought it would be useful for occasional forays to a weed choked lake with decent #s of largies & bluegills impossible to fish with standard open hook jigs. So, bought the mold & hooks...
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    When your into the numbers it's hard to stop!

    This past seasons trouting firmly established my choice of #6 Sickles vs. straight point round bends for tied jigs. Apparently there was enuf demand for Eagle Claw, Mustad, and Victory to offer their own knock offs of original Matzuo Sickle jig hooks. Even Gamakatsu now offers larger sickle...
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    When your into the numbers it's hard to stop!

    The first soft(?) plastic lures introduced in HI back when I was a kid 60+ yrs ago were clear plastic which replicated glass minnows and small shrimp. They were somewhat popular within a niche but at the time most preferred the actual live baits easily caught along the Kaneohe Bay shoreline...
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    Victory Jig Hooks

    Shorty's ain't got em yet, so ordered some 100s of types I can use for a look see. The sickle varieties are basically knock offs of standard light wires and some long discontinued heavier wire sickle shaped equivalents of EC 635, 413, and Mustad 32786. Victory claims to use premium quality...
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    Shad - a - lac

    A customer out your way claims they fight hard enuf to bend out ordinary hooks? I'm generally not impressed with Victory hooks as they tend to have similar annoying characteristics exhibited by Matzuo but I can say that the #6 Victory sickle is exceptionally strong, sharp, well shaped, and a...
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    What they say is true - bigger lure/bigger fish

    One time on Douglas Res in CO wasn't getting much on a 1/16 Boolie jig and switching to a 1/32 short tie got bit way better. by decent size crappie mostly around 12". Not sure tho if this qualifies as "bigger fish".
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    150 fish caught on two consecutive days (40 + 110) on light jigs and at times under a float

    Kudos for evaluating the effects of water level fluctuation and multi species spawn period behavior. I agree that lightest possible jigs will stay in a strike zone longest, since slowest retrieve often will get bit better speshly in cold water. Nice size yellow & white perch.
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    Tying a simple Crappie Jig

    Thanks for posting, never have and never will, but wondered how those chen-bous were tied.
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    been away awhile here are some of my latest

    Steady hands and good eyes.
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    Catfish caught on small soft plastics and 8# test braid

    Early to bed and bug juice. Holy crap, is that a Mitchell 308? Older than the angler !
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    Weedless Midwest finesse jigs

    Yah, my serious wiper rig is also 20# braid. Checking my records quite a few have broken off on 10# braid mostly because I couldn't hold em from running into bottom snags. Yer lucky you can catch em daytime, my wiper opportunity is strictly at night.
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    Go small or go home

    Hey JiggerJohn, I won't take offense if you mention that your clown color mop jigs worked better than my natural mink fur ones. Provide details for others to consider. And indeed most of the time slow as possible retrieves with light as possible jigs can make a significant difference in bite...
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    Funny how anglers believe they can 'target' certain fish species with lures

    Yup, if nothing else focus on details and continual innovation is good exercise for aging senior minds. I've fished with guys who same ol' worm dunk routine and like to think my jig catches might be a good wakeup.