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    paint on eyes

    I use these. 4 different sizes. Shake up a bottle of testers or what ever paint you use. Dip from the paint in the lid. If I dip in the bottle I get too much paint. They can be made by grinding the end of a nail flat. Or the end of a finishing nail might work. A little practice and you get a...
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    Cross Timbers Custom Rods

    I fished with a 9ft. custom rod that Mary Lou made for me, for the first time last weekend. The rod was fantastic. We caught some nice slabs for the freezer. But my favorite catch of the day was a 2 1/2 inch crappie. I felt this fish in 14 ft of water while wrestling with the TM with the wind...
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    New to site

    I signed up a week or so ago. Crazy Angler pointed me in your direction. I don't have much free time right now but looking forward to getting to know some new folks and do some swaps. Work is going strong and spare time is fishing. In West Texas March, April and May brings some of the best...