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  1. AndyLane

    Just a few Simple Fish Catchers

    These simple patterns may not catch fish Everywhere but the fish (Gills & Crappie) at My lil City Pond That I fish most often cant get enough of them. Cant wait for some warmer temps.
  2. AndyLane


    I was Happy That Me and My Ol Buddy Finally Were Able To Get Together For A Little Time On The Water at The Lake Of The Ozarks. I was Sad to see that the first two of my favorite winter fishing spots were unfishable cause of ice and damage to the docks. I was Happy to see that The Lake wasn't...
  3. AndyLane


    Didn't end up getting to spend all the time I planned tying today but I did get a few minutes and managed to tie a few of each of these. I think I need to tie a bunch of the 1/16 Minnow Pattern cause I think them gonna Straight Get Ate! 1/16 #4's 1/32 #6's 1/48 #8's
  4. AndyLane

    Rubber Legged Crappie Killers

    For Lack Of A Better Name Thats What I'm Calling These I Tied Tonight. I have tied some similar ones before but decided to go with longer legs on these. Thoughts on these or color combos for these? 1/32 #6 on left 148 #8 on right
  5. AndyLane

    More Perks

    I Love my wife working at a feather company. It has its Perks. Evidently todaythey were cleaning up a storage closet in the studio and had some Sample products they were going to throw away. She brought some things home for her decorations and crafting but she gave me this 3ft tall Hackle tree...
  6. AndyLane

    Better Habits

    After Twenty Years of Wasting my Lungs and my Money I have laid the Cigarettes down. Its only been 13 days without One but Going completely Cold Turkey I'm kinda proud of myself. I mean other than discovering a new eye Twitch and yelling at a Squirrel for no apparent reason the other morning It...
  7. AndyLane

    Ice Fishing In The Tropics!

    This is Pretty Cool! Thought I'd Post.
  8. AndyLane

    Quote of the day

    “Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.” –Mark Twain :D:icon14:
  9. AndyLane

    Christmas Goodies and Jigs

    I am always perfectly happy just watching the kids and the rest of the family opening and Enjoying their christmas gifts receiving a few myself still makes me smile. especially when they fuel my Hobby (Obsession,Addiction,...ect) My wife gave me another Box-O-Feathers from her work. My brother...
  10. AndyLane

    Red Fox

    Tail is red fox. Body is (forgot name) from Crazy Angler. Head is 1/16 with Gold Sickle. Painted these heads awhile back and until I find my notes im not sure of the mix. Candy orange over something... :D:icon14:
  11. AndyLane

    Learning to bend

    Got to play around at the desk a little today. Wanted to see if I could figure out how to make some mini v-spin frames. Think i got the concept down but I need some more practice and maybe some better tools. I'm using a Very cheap set of round nose jewelers pliers and a regular pair of...
  12. AndyLane

    My First Spinners

    These are my first three "Rooster Tail" type spinners that i have made. Used single hooks on these to keep with regulations at the trout park. I wanted to use a little bigger blades but I forgot to add them to my order. The blades on them are same size a lot of y'all use on your belly spinner...
  13. AndyLane

    Duck-n-Hackle Tail.

  14. AndyLane

    New Tying Room Almost Done

    It still looks a little like Tornado wreckage but My Hunting/Fishing room is finally all unpacked and almost put together. Need to do a lot more organizing and what not but I got it where I can at least do a little tying now.
  15. AndyLane

    Lead Lure Bodies

    Anyone know where I can buy Unpainted lead 1/32 lure bodies? I'm wanting to make some Rooster Tail Type spinners. Janns sells painted ones but I'd like to paint them myself. I know I can buy a mold but to be honest I don't really want to pour my own (at least not right now).
  16. AndyLane

    Just Checkin In

    I haven't been on here for a while so I just wanted to say Hi. As always looks like everyone is tying some Really Cool jigs. I haven't got my tying room set up in the new house yet. I am anxious to get to tying again but now that its SWEET November, if I'm not Chasing my kids around at the house...
  17. AndyLane

    Family Fun at The Trout Park

    I had a very fun weekend at Bennett Springs State Park with a bunch of my family. i just had to share a few pics. It Rained the first full day I was there but it didn't spoil the fun. I didnt have waders but I got in the stream anyway. I was about frozen solid by the time I was done each day...
  18. AndyLane

    Mouse'n for trout

    Came across this article and thought I'd share.
  19. AndyLane

    Foam Bass Poppers Plus

    Been thinking about poppers lately so i picked up some Wapsi foam bodies. Painted these up late last night and tied them early this morning. Used a mix of Hackle, marabou, krystal flash and a flashabou type flash called "Glimmer" for the tails. Used nail polish and markers to paint them. Coated...
  20. AndyLane

    June bug

    Tied a few tonight. This is one of them. I bought this Junebug chenille from CA and forgot I even had it. I went with a straight pro-tec blue with this one but I'm curious to know what any of yall think a good head color would be with this chenille. 1/32 #6