Turkey Jig
Start your thread like you
were tying a basic thread
neck jig
Turkey Jig
Choose a feather. I like using
the tips of body feathers cause
they are the softest. You can
also use parts of the tail
feathers as well but they are a
little stiffer. Wing feathers are
too stiff for this application
Strarting with the longer part of the tip pull of a
small section you want and trim the butt end but
make sure it is a little longer than you want the jig to
be. Use your fingers to ruffle and separate the
Start tying in pieces a little at a time
till your jig is fat and healthy. I use a
whole feather tip for these jigs. The
triangle piece at the end is tied in
last on top. Don't trim the butt end
this is what makes the collar.
Tie in some chenille behind the collar and make
one wrap and tie it down. Make a few wraps in
front of the collar to push it against the chenille
and whip finish. Trim up collar if needed and
there ya go.
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Turkey Jig Tutorial
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