Shaggy Dub Fly
Tools / Materials
  • 200R size 12 hook
  • uni-thread 8/0 olive
  • Black brass
    hourglass 3mm
  • purple hackle
  • purple krystal flash
  • Black Senyo's
    Shaggy dub
  • Black Az simi-seal dub
Tie on the thread to the hook
point and bring the thread back
to within 1/8'' of the hook eye. Tie
in the hourglass.
Shaggy Dub Fly
Tie in the hackle leaving the tail the
length of 1/2 of the shank past the
hook bend.
Tie in the Krystal flash and bring
the thread to the hook point.
Make a dubbing loop and add
the Senyo's Shaggy Dubbing.
Wrap the shaggy dubbing around the hook
shank for the body and take the thread to
behind the eye. Add the simi-seal dubbing
the the thread.
Step by step instructions and pictures created by:
Stump Hunter

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(Tutorial) Shaggy Dub Fly
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(...this is a fly pattern but it can very easily be tied on a jig head...)
Wrap the simi-seal dubbing around the hourglass
eye one turn each way in a figure 8 and two wraps
behind the eye. Bring the thread in front of the eye
and build the head, whip finish and add cement to
the head.