Scud Jig
Tools / Materials Needed
  • 1/32 #6 ball head (smaller size
    head and hook might be better
  • 3/0 Light Olive Thread (Again 6/0 or
    8/0 may be better)
  • Olive Dubbing
  • Olive Synthetic hair
  • Olive Wapsi Scud Back material
    (1/8" strips of heavy ziploc plastic
    will work also)
  • 4lb Mono (silver or copper wire
    may be better)
I started by making a bend in the hook using the
shaft of a screwdriver.
Scud Jig
Lay a thread base back to the hook bend.
Cut a small clump of synthetic hair
a little longer than jig and tie it in.
Tie in the Mono or wire on top
and the back material on bottom.
Using whatever technique
you prefer, add the
dubbing (I used dubbing
loop) and wrap to the front
and tie off.
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Scud Jig Tutorial
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Lay the back material over the
dubbing and tie in at jig head.
Wrap the mono or wire up to the front to make segments and tie it off and whip
finish. Do any brushing of the dubbing and give it any trimming it may need.