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    Tying with Calf Tail

    A short video tying 1/8 football jig with calf tail.
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    I finished a very cool project

    Check out this video from Retro Bassin' talking about old school hair jigs and a project we did together.
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    Status of old threads

    Im looking at old posts I have made and found the video links not working. I have a couple projects coming up that people may find interesting but will hold off on posting if the videos wont work.
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    Status of old threads

    I noticed that old threads no longer are useable / videos links - unavailable. Is this temporary / part of the recent change? Also have question on attaching photos to messages between members; I couldnt do that either???
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    Tying a Bucktail Bass Jig

    I show how to tie a few bucktail bass jigs.
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    Hair jigs

    Black bear is good for jigs. Many traditional Catskill bucktail streamers use black bear. Its a little harder than deer to use due to the short curley under fur but I llike it
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    Adjusting the slayer max rudder cables

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    New Slayer Max Maiden Voyage

    I was able to get the new kayak out onto the water.  Jig fishing a local crappie lake I didn't find any crappie but did get a couple surprises
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    Adding Decals to Kayak

    Im back in the garage adding a couple vinyl decals to the side of the kayak. 
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    Slayer Max Rigged for Fishing

    I have finished rigging my new kayak - she is ready for the fishing season.
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    New Slayer Fishing Kayak

    Just a short video walk-around of my new Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 before I start adding accessories for fishing.
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    Bucktail Video

    The eyes are fluorescent yellow paint with a black sharpie pupil.
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    Ice Ties

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    Bucktail Video

    I was a little bored this morning and made a quick video tying a bucktail jig.
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    Ice Dropper

    A short video on tying an Ice Dropper I use on a perch rig through the ice.