Full Version: Twin Spin -> Pocket Umbrella Rig
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I always liked the idea of a school of baitfish being a far more natural presentation in open water than a single one. Trying to cast an umbrella rig with spin tackle however made me forget about the idea very quickly. Even with light hairjigs instead of plastics I found it a terrible thing to fish.

Then I discovered the twin spin wire form and thought "what if I swap the spinner blades for a pair of simple streamer flies that match the jig?" The form is momentariely sold out but easy to make even for an unexperienced bender like me. First field testings - just a few casts in the harbour- proved it to be very smooth to cast and fish. It can be stripped of all hooks in seconds and shoved together to pen-size.

[Image: 22686581cg.jpg]

[Image: 22686582jd.jpg]
I like your idea a lot. Also looks great
Looks really good to me. Compact, plus the coil and clips make it all easily changed. I have never fished with an umbrella or Alabama rig but have watched people use them on TV and read about them in magazines. This one, i'd be more willing to try than the others i've seen. It would also work with the local regulations for only 3 hooks.