Full Version: Needing a soruce for .041 stainless wire
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Looking to buy pound coils of 0.041 wire stainless steel. Any one have a good source?
I buy leader material from Cabelas or Barlows in 0.018 - each coil's about a pound(ish)

I'm not sure how guage tranlates to diameter, but this is a start


Oh, here you go ... and cheap

For most lure making you need the spring tempereed hardened wire I have a very good source but 250# coils are the minimum they sell. However, a quick search shows it available in 1# COILS ~223 feet http://tinyurl.com/qgcuhwp

Depending on how much is needed, you may want to do a google search for "Music Wire, Type 302 SS, 18, 0.041 In"
I checked the search term and wonder of wonders even Wal Mart sells 1# coils http://tinyurl.com/ofofxhv

I would also check http://www.oharespring.com/Tackle_Hardware_Catalog.pdf I have dealt with them in the past for warious forms and if you know what you need they can straighten and cut to length.
Hagen's $12.76 a pound for .041 stainless steel wire
Oh, and if you want tinned music wire, Hagen's only carries .035 .040 and .045 this comes in 25 lb coils and cost $150
Try looking at McMaster-Carr. They have lots of different wire available. Tolerances are within +/- .001" so even .040 wire is acceptable. Prices are really fair though the Hagens price quoted above is really good.

If you buy wire from within the tackle industry you are paying the 10% excise on it unless you have an exemption on file. Buy it outside of the tackle/sporting goods circles and you avoid the excise tax.
2nd Hagens....purchased some earlier this year
Thanks everyone, I did manage to find 500 ft last week. I appreciate the links I'm going to be needing couple hundred ft per week for a couple months. So the sources are fantactic.
Thanks again Bo
What are you using it for?
Spinner baits frames, Buzz Bait forms and Umbrellas.
One thing I'll warn you about is if you pull it to straighten it, it will stretch a little bit. 1 or 2 thousandth of an inch or so. So don't tug on it too hard.
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