Full Version: White bass season is upon me....tungsten
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So I picked up a couple tungsten bass weights today at Bass Pro......had the rest at the house. The white bass are hitting on the river....Time to get the baitcaster ready with some spider wire and head out. #4 blades with 5MM walleye trolling beads and #1 brass bearing. Looking for a compact way to cast longer toward the dam! Weight is 1/2oz. This was a pumpkin seed until I heated back up and dipped!

Dang, it didn't take em long since ice time...
Nope.....it is on!
I see I'm not the only one that's put Tungsten onto an inline spinner. How does it work? Have you tested it? Do the White Bass approve?
On some dams we can only get so far from the spillway! So we need to throw far. As for hook-ups the short compact works! My fear is losing the bait because the weight cost is expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting baits

Could you use two 1/4oz egg sinkers?
Looks great! I used to use lead, but tungsten has to work better. We lost all of our white bass in the NC Piedmont due to an invasion of white perch. I really miss white bass season.

Nice looking bait - couple cheaper options are a bottom bouncer sinker mold - or a worm weight sinker mold.
Just playing with compact weights! Yes I could use lead!
I could use lead on mine as well. I wanted the great density of Tungsten, for less wind resistance. HOPEFULLY, I'll get around to testing mine out soon.

Yes, it's expensive. The only other place I know of to get an in-line spinner that heavy is direct from Mepps, they have a 3 oz version, but it costs $35 + shipping. I've got about $18 invested in my version. Still would sting to loose it (high probability at this spot), but not as much as a $35+ donation to the river gods would sting.