Full Version: #4s for Costa Rica
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While back - started to fish in Costa Rica. Was in contact with a flyfishing guide to fish the Rio Sevegre and he was telling #4 spinners would work. Found he didn't know squat about in-line spinners. Luckily we brought along some #1 bass pro Roostertail knock offs....

You can change out hooks on some of these with out using split rings. Didn't want to mess with split rings in the jungle.

Had some with clattering blades. All the trebles I tied up are gone also.


I'm waiting on an order from Netcraft. Once that gets here, with some more .030 wire shafts, I'm going to bend up some stock of the main spinnerbaits I use.
Nice spinners, whatcha fishing for there?
Allen....buying the wire in 1/4 spool from Hagens! 2nd JM on what are you fishing for? What is your overall weight you are shooting for Led? I have some #4's for my little Georges that will be up soon.
Allen if you have a wire former get the bulk wire and bend them yourself, it's way cheaper. I got a few coils from Cabelas out in Michagan when I was there because I had some gift cards to use up.
If you ever want to try the big girls, "tarpon" Let me know, I know a guide that will put you spot on them. He is pretty good at finding Wahoo too. We take a box full of bribing bars, snickers are his favorite.
What are you targeting, trout?

Some nice white water in the Rio Savegre - was asked to float down there a couple times by a buddy who watches to much extreame fishing on TV

Good luck & bring back plenty of pix
Nice spinner work!!