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I think the bass will eat this thing up. I can hardly wait for this white crap to melt so I can fine out.

[Image: Erie.jpg]
Interesting lure. It looks, to me, like an Erie Dearie/Panther Martin hybrid. Cool
Defiantly an Erie Dearie. I dislike the clevis spinners I've have had trouble with them not spinning right. So I've just started using the inline blade on most everything. So far the fish don't seem to mind.
Don't think I've seen it with the blade in front of the body before - might be cause I'm uninformed of course.
Have the mold so I'll definitely copy Smile
I like it, the venerable Erie Dearie mold has lots of uses for those willing to think outside the box. Never did one with the in-line blade but used a few with buzz bait blades (made for an interesting retrieve) Good Job!
Q - really nice. Billy Westmorland use to swear by a spinner similar to that one.

I'm a big fan of the panther martin style inline blades. They work on bass, and have caught many bonus fish with them too.
Nice tie.....paint job is WOW
And I'm the DA who sold my mold years ago!!!!! Still trying to find one that won't cost me a fortune.
Thanks to your inspiration I did a few castings with a slightly modded cavity, and just for good measure a few regular ones as well.
Had a sit down with the kids letting them choose most of the colour combinations - although I did temper the selections slightly Smile
Gonna pop out this weekends with the kids and try them in the water.
I really should try to find where the heck I put my powder paint, pretty sure it's somewhere in my work shop Dodgy
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