Full Version: Spiralz- beads on a wire
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I hear these catch overbred rainbow trout in P&T ponds. Certainly not seaworthy, the hook needs to be vcry light, but easy to make and a unique action.  Beads on a wire basically.

[Image: 35471081ib.jpg]

[Image: 35471082gm.jpg]
Never seen those before, interesting. Looks like they have quite the fancy (and much needed) swivel. Are they for casting or trolling?

A lot of people use a 'slow death rig' on Lake Erie for walleye.... basically a hook with a curved shank that you thread half or a whole nightcrawler on. Some add spinners or smile blades to the rig. They drift or slow troll them and they roll pretty much the whole time.
They are ment to be casted on light tackle or behind a bombarda float. Casting all sorts of spinning/rolling L-shaped worms, dough etc. has a bit of a tradition here. The bombarda float is named "spirolino" over here, both terms indicating that the technique was developed in Italy for small ponds in fishing parks. This film might give you an imagination, lot of German talk at the  beginning but also graphik display in the second half. Note the use of the word "twister", derived from the brand "Mister Twister", as a synonym for grubs!