Full Version: So, this showed up in my mailbox yesterday...
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Been doing a little reading.  Hoping to learn the tricks of a master Smile

Luv them ol' fish'n books.
Those "Older" books are way more educational and detailed then some of the ones being put out now!!!
Yep. Been doing some reading. So far, it looks like my idea of using tungsten flippin' weights for better casting range might be a no-go. Wish I would have read that BEFORE I ordered $40 worth of weights Smile

I like how the author tells the reader how to silver-plate blades, beads, etc. Unfortunately, "black chrome" plating has to be done at a shop, and they typically only do large quantities. I may have to fool around with a little black powder paint and a lot of 200% clear to see if I can get something like that.