Full Version: Trout Teasers
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Made these 1/16 oz teasers getting ready for Feb/March trout fishing.  They are small stock trout here in KY but nonetheless fun.  What ya think?
[Image: Trout%202.jpg]
Nice spinners like how you're use the collar for putting the hackle on
Those should work just fine...
The twist tech is nice but how many different bends can you make with it? I know the eyelets, probably the open end v with a legs and then a wire spring closter but how many others?? The video they put out doesn't show much - and Hagens isn't much different you need 4 tools to do all the bends we use in wire forming.
Yes the twist tech has limitations, but for the money at the time it was the one I needed.  I wish it would make a smaller eyelet.  But these still look decent enough to test out next week.  

[Image: Trout3.jpg]

If it's not so cold they bounce off the ice anyways.
somebody's been moding their mold!!! LOL Nice baits buddy!!
(01-05-2017, 09:43 PM)Fatman Wrote: [ -> ]somebody's been moding their mold!!! LOL  Nice baits buddy!!
Sometimes I just can't help myself.   Big Grin
Modify everything LoL

Nice job. And the "panther martin" style blades are killah on trout. Put many of slime rocket to the fillet knife with them and when I started building blade baits, the PM style was the one. Also bought the biggest blades on Barlows & they work on bass too.

Use a pair of these to bend everything and have a wire bender on the wish list:

[Image: rcgp.JPG]